10 Tips To Become A Greener Company


No matter what type of business you run, you have a social responsibility to consider sustainable operations and practices. As with any goal, your efforts towards a greener future may involve a process of trial and error. To support your company to go-green, consider these ten ideas.

1. Adopt lean principles

Lean manufacturing refers to improving the efficiency of a production process by eliminating waste. While lean principles originate in manufacturing, these principles can be useful across many different settings. Waste might occur due to defects, poor use of time, overproduction, storage issues, and so on. Waste has a negative impact on the environment, and it’s also bad for business. To become a greener company, it’s advisable to improve your waste management processes.

2. Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction is a big priority in our current climate. When you’re making renovations to your building, it’s good to work with contractors who use sustainable construction methods. Green roofing is currently a popular sustainable construction technique. Creating a green-roof involves growing plants and grass on top of the existing roofing. With a green roof, you’ll reduce heating expenses, absorb stormwater, and improve air quality. You might also like to commission sustainable materials for your renovations, for example, ‘Ferrock.’ Ferrock is made with steel dust, it’s carbon-neutral, sealing C02 as it dries. 

Rockfon offers an excellent service if you’re looking for a commercial ceiling renovation. They provide stone wool ceiling panels with noise absorbing features. These installations are fire-safe and the perfect sustainable choice.

3. Cloud Technology 

Cloud technology can help your business to go- green in several ways. First off, you can eliminate the use of printers and paper. Secondly, you can allow remote working, which can reduce your energy bills and save you money. The cloud will enable you to run every aspect of your business with ease, from your project management to your marketing and data analysis. There are so many robust software solutions that you can use to run a cloud-based company, including:

  • Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that offers file storage, video meetings, instant chat, and application integration. Whether you’re working remotely or on-site, Microsoft Teams can boost your staff’s productivity.
  • Asana: With this high-performing project management tool, your cloud-based biz will run like clock-work. Using Asana, you can assign tasks, chat and collaborate, and manage each stage of your projects. There’s Kanban support, simple-timelines, and real-time updates.

4. Use Green Web Hosting 

Modern businesses simply can’t survive without the Internet; the problem is that data centers aren’t exactly eco-friendly. Data centers consume a huge amount of energy and need cooling systems to stop their hardware from overheating. Green web hosting companies pay toward carbon offsetting policies, so these are a better choice than traditional web hosting companies. For a few of the top green web hosting companies, check out HostPapa, A2 Hosting, Green Geeks, or Dream Host.

5. Use Solar Power

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly popular choice for modern businesses. The technology is made with semiconductors known as ‘photovoltaic cells.’ As the sunlight hits against the cells, the atoms and electrons separate, creating electricity. The installation costs can be expensive, but after this, you’ll find that your energy bills are significantly less. Further benefits of using solar power include:

  • Add value: Installing solar panels will add value to your brick and mortar business, which is good to know if there’s a chance that you might sell in the future.
  • Improve your reputation: The modern consumer prefers brands who prioritize sustainability, and so any green-changes you make could  improve your brand image. If you donate to any earth-friendly charities ensure that you share this info on social media!

6. Save water

Saving water is another easy way to become a greener company, so how can you save water on your premises?

  • Smart meter: With a smart meter, you can monitor your water consumption, and then use this data to set goals and conserve more water.
  • Water-saving appliances: Update your appliances and plumbing to water-saving options. A few examples include water-saving toilets, eco-taps, and eco-kettles.

As well as changes like these, create water-conserving guidelines and policies so that your staff understands what’s expected of them.

7. Sustainable suppliers

To become a greener company, you’ll need to ensure that your suppliers are green too. Review each company you are working with, and look out for the materials, processes, and policies they use. To help you vet your suppliers, it can be helpful to use a Supplier Information Management System. Suppliers first join an industry database, and then you can search using whichever criteria is important to you.

8. Recyclable materials

When you’re choosing resources for your premises, ensure that all the items you purchase can be recycled. From your kitchenware to your furniture, electronics, and paper, choosing recyclable materials is the way toward a greener future. Companies like The Green Office offer a wide range of eco-friendly office supplies. Here you’ll find everything from ink and toner to tech and furniture.

9. Carpool schemes

To reduce your carbon footprint as a company, why not start a carpooling scheme? Make a list of where your staff live in relation to one-another, and create Whatsapp groups. If you prefer, there are a few carpooling apps that you can use, including Carma Carpooling and Sidecar.

10. Go Second-hand

Shopping second-hand can considerably reduce your carbon footprint, and there are many opportunities to do. Whether it is second-hand furniture or electronics, not everything has to be new. As well as going green you’ll also save your business a significant amount of money!

As you can see, going green doesn’t always involve huge changes. Many of these options will be simple to implement in a short space of time. Once you’ve put a few changes in place, be sure to review your progress ongoing, and monitor your performance. Set yourself goals in every area whether it’s your waste, supplies, paper-usage, or recycling initiatives.

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