Today I have launched a new guide to help business owners get more results for less time. It includes 25 resources I swear by to run all my businesses. The results could be more professional looking images that you can produce quickly. It could be social media marketing that runs itself. These tools will all save you time. They will give you more time to do what you enjoy and leave your business to run itself! Best of all they nearly all free!


How the list came about

I have spent over ten years building various businesses, and as time has gone on technology has improved making our lives so much easier. If I was to do all my tasks manually I wouldn’t be able to do them all! By using my resources (all on the list) I can triple my output. This gives me more time to be with my son and daughter (KK and Flynn!). Since I started the various businesses, including the Female Entrepreneur Hub, I’ve researched for better ways to do things. Usually, I needed them to be free as I never had any money to start my various businesses! This is why the list is so valuable, you’ll barely need to spend any money to use the tools!

“I’m so glad I signed up for your resource list, since I’ve started using them I’ve sold more products than ever before, thanks for giving it me free!” – Lucy, Blogger


You can get the free list here!

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They needed to be free!

I didn’t want my images to look “homemade” or unprofessional, so I desperately needed to find resources for free images that looked amazing. I had no money for a graphic designer, so I began searching forums, Google and Facebook Groups to find what I needed. Over time I managed to build up quite a list of resources I couldn’t live without. I have a special page on my phone for my business apps to keep them together and I have the others in my favourites on my desktop. You could also do this, or you could create a spreadsheet or a list to save all your go-to resources on. If you are anything like me you’ll get distracted (probably by hearing “mum” 37,497 before noon) and you’ll forget the website or the app you meant to note down! This is why I always make sure I save them, even if I take a picture or screenshot, just so I have it somewhere!

On the list there are;

  • apps
  • services
  • social media tools
  • website hosting/design
  • image creation services
  • WordPress help
  • content help
  • SEO help
  • hashtag service (the best one I’ve ever found for getting Instagram likes)

You can get the free list here!

“My images really sucked before, I had a good idea that’s why I wasn’t converting visitors to my site, just wanted to tell you that since I used the resources on the list for images my conversions have improved overnight” – Pauline, online coach

It was really important to me that the resource list was mostly free services and resources. If any were on the resource list that did cost, I had to make sure they offered really (really) reasonable prices, but gave you quality for that money. Cheap can sometimes mean low quality. I’ve seen people offering content for blogs at $10 (£8) for 1000 words! I knew that would be respun low-quality copy and would be a waste of time and money! I have spent a lot of time researching and finding resources that offer value for money, but where the cost is still very low! There’s one particular social media app that is completely free!! It does nearly everything all the paid for ones do!!

If you want to get the free guide you can get it here, it’ll be with you within 24 hours!!

I’m absolutely passionate about helping other women achieve their business goals and if you think there is a resource that should be on the list, hey you may even want to offer a resource to users of the Hub, get in touch at

I’d also really love to help you, drop me an email ( if you are struggling with anything with your business. Even if it’s social media in general or more specific like how to get nicely coloured social media icons that match your site (like mine- so pretty!), just get in touch via the email above or contact me here!

You can get access to the 25 resources guide here!

The Female Entreprenear Hub - 25 resources free guide



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silpa · 29/10/2018 at 5:35 am

It’s very helpful by sharing a list and with correct images and quotes makes to get a willingness on it.

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