3 Major Productivity Drains To Avoid At All Costs

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We all want to find ways to introduce more productivity into our businesses, but that isn’t quite as easy as reaching for your third flat white of the morning and burning the candle at both ends. Instead, productivity is a practice which evolves over time, and needs constant fine-tuning for your company to run like a well-oiled machine. Things suck our time and attention without us even noticing, so we need to be vigilant and work proactively to shut down the creep of time-wasting activities in favour of staying in the zone. And whether you’re running a small business empire, or you’re a solopreneur, learning some tricks to keep your productivity high should always be top of your agenda.

Beware Mindless Browsing

We’re all guilty of it – and in fact, most of the apps on our phone are specifically engineered to hook us into a cycle of scrolling and tapping ad infinitum. Mindless phone scrolling or web browsing on a laptop is all too easy to fall prey too, and there aren’t many people who could say that they don’t do it all. Policing your own browsing is key to staying on track with your workload for the day. Try making a rule about what times of day you will check your phone and keeping it locked in a drawer when not in use, silencing notifications from apps or distracting email pop-ups, or even using a social media blocker app if you’re really struggling. When you do use your phone at work, keep in mind an aim for checking it, and make a habit of putting it straight down once you.

Find Your Mission

Productivity is closely interlinked with motivation – and if you’re struggling to find that drive, it’s very hard to keep going with tasks which don’t inspire you. And yet some essential admin or other less enjoyable jobs are part of every role, especially when launching your own business. Stay productive by reminding yourself of your mission – what you’re in business to change or develop. Keep this prominently written out where you can see it. If you have an annual goals document, it’s also a good idea to review this on a daily or weekly basis, and note small milestone activities you have completed which are taking you closer to your ultimate aim. If you keep the big picture in front of mind, it’s easier to see how even the smaller, less absorbing tasks contribute to where you want to be.

Keep Safe In The Workplace

It’s impossible to maintain productivity if you aren’t looking after your mental and physical health properly during working hours – something that can often slip due to the pressures of starting your own business. Make sure you are covering the basics by taking regular screen breaks, staying hydrated, moving around outside during lunch breaks and checking display screen equipment training is set up correctly. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance will make you more productive than trying to work all hours – your focus, mental skills and creativity will be much more functional without constant pressure.

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