3 Reasons Why Your Website Is One of the Most Important Features of Your Small Business


Making the decision to become an entrepreneur is usually a pretty intense and even scary thing. But the trepidation you may feel is likely to be counterbalanced by dreams of avoiding the office-life grind, and never again having to answer to a supervisor (other than yourself).


The life of an entrepreneur can seem — and can actually be — extremely liberating, empowering, and even romantic. But it requires a lot of work, a lot of patience and persistence, and, of course, focusing your energies in the right directions.


It just so happens that one of the most important things you can focus your energy on to help boost your entrepreneurial success is, in fact, your website.


Here are a few reasons why that’s the case.


It’s where a large number of your clients are first likely to encounter you


In the pre-internet days, your customers or clients might have encountered you via an ad in the newspaper, or a trade magazine. Maybe they would have seen you smiling at them from a billboard or poster, or maybe they would have walked by your offices one day.


Of course, all of those things might still happen, but in the 21st Century as it stands so far, the internet reigns supreme and you’re overwhelmingly likely to be discovered first via your website and online marketing materials, than by anything in the physical world.


Here and now, your presence in cyberspace is the equivalent of most of the old traditional forms of marketing, rolled into one. Having a well-polished, coherent, and helpful website, which is simultaneously well-ranked in terms of SEO, is all but a necessity.


Google and SEO are the gatekeepers of professional exposure in this day and age


This point is closely related to the last one, but focuses more on the technicalities.


Your website is the place where most of your prospective clients and likely to forge their first impressions of you. But having your website professionally and artfully crafted, with the right keywords in evidence, is essential for the purposes of SEO.


Google and SEO are, essentially, the gatekeepers of professional exposure in this day and age. Google accounts for virtually all of the search engine traffic found on the internet, and if your website doesn’t rank well for your chosen keywords on Google, it is, for all intents and purposes, invisible to most people.


Your website is a great platform for reassuring your clients of your credentials, as well as demonstrating your portfolio


What kind of first impression would you like to make on a prospective client if you were both meeting in an office somewhere?


Well, you’d probably dress up professionally, and do what you could to present your professional credentials in such a way that would help build trust and confidence in your services.


Your website is essentially that “first meeting”, but without the face-to-face component where you can easily mention your impressive CV. To compensate for the lack of dynamic contact, you should feature testimonials and work samples prominently on your site to underscore your credentials.