3 Things You Need to Do for Brand Establishment

Image Courtesy of Pexels

Starting a business isn’t easy as there is usually tons of competition, financial barriers, and planning to consider. But something that goes a long way when starting a business is brand identification:

  • Physical material
  • Digital material
  • Advertising

Combining all three of these elements as a part of your brand establishment plan will set you well on your way to becoming a recognized authority in your niche or field of expertise.

Read all About It

They might say that print is dead but is it really? While ebooks and digital newspapers are extremely popular these days, the power of printed materials can’t be underestimated when it comes to visually representing your company.

They might sound a little corny but using business cards is a great way to expand your network and quickly get people to think about your brand. Cocktail parties, public events, and business meetings are excellent examples of proper business card use and your local print company will be all too happy to create a batch for you.

Flyers are also a very cheap method of promoting a business since you can do the work yourself by posting or putting them up in your local area or paying some kids a couple of bucks to do it for you. Flyers can also be left in public spaces such as libraries, civic centers and even some private businesses like cafes might let you leave some on their counter.

There are also tons of other printed resources you can use for promotion. There are many online companies now offering a wide range of things like pens, bags, and even USB flash drives with your company logo and details printed on them.

Liked, Shared and Upvoted

Establishing an online presence in 2021 has been said to be no longer optional, but necessary. The prolific use of social media platforms, blogs and forums in the modern world means that digital brand establishment is an absolutely essential part of any business plan from now on.

Using social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter allows you to reach out to a very specific demographic or target audience so you can capitalize on their user base. Posting relevant information such as guides, promotions and the latest news about your niche will attract followers and in turn potential conversions.

As an added bonus, social media also allows you to engage and interact with your customers and followers so you can gauge what they think of you and your brand which helps in determining each subsequent course of action. Regular engagement will build brand loyalty and trust with your followers, further establishing your authority factor. 

Maybe not Madison Avenue, But…

Any business owner will tell you that advertising is a necessary expense if you want to get anywhere. As a business owner, you should always be looking for any exposure you can find to get your brand recognized and out there in the public domain.

Coca Cola spends around $4 billion per year on advertising alone. While no one is suggesting that you try to find the world’s most generous bank manager, you will eventually need to spend some money on ads. 

This doesn’t need to be expensive TV ads or in established glossy magazines, not just yet anyway, but can be in your local paper, a niche-specific publication, or, yes, social media. Social media platforms do offer ads for business and they start relatively cheap and can be as expensive as you want. The more you spend the more exposure they will give you.