3 Tips for Making a Good Impression on Prospective Clients


Whether you’re a small business owner or are part of a large corporation, the odds are high that at some point over the course of your professional life you are going to need to interact directly with prospective clients and to do whatever is in your power to make a good impression.


This “good impression” begins with things like your online and real-world marketing materials, but down the line, it will inevitably also encompass things such as your own behaviour in the context of your professional relationship and the added benefits that you offer those clients, in order to make them feel valued and cared for.


Here are a few ways to make a good impression on your prospective clients, so that you have a better overall chance of winning, and keeping their contracts.


Give them a taste of luxury


This generally only applies in the strict sense to major would-be clients, and you’ll typically only be in the position to “manage” them in this way if you’re in charge of client relations in a major corporation.


In such cases, though, giving your would-be or existing clients a “taste of luxury” can be a good way to help develop an emotional connection between them and your business, including increasing the odds that they will feel it worth their while to turn up the competition in favour of what you offer.


Having Mercedes business & fleet cars on offer for the use of visiting clients and contacts could be one example of this in practice. Negotiating contracts over good meals at well-reviewed restaurants could be another.


Even for smaller operations, and in the case of smaller prospective clients, however, try to offer some valuable extras where possible. Even just free consultations and special reports could do the trick.


Present yourself and your services in a clear and professional manner


Professionalism is the name of the game in terms of being able to secure clients and keep them, and your professional life lives and dies on your professional brand.


“Professionalism” means a few different things. Being “professional” means that you have a competitive service that is more than capable of matching the competition. It means that you are accountable for your actions. It means that you have been pre-approved by others over time.


Being professional is one thing, but you must also do whatever you can to project an air of professionalism. This can mean having a tidy and appealing website, and it can mean putting some effort into your physical presentation when meeting with a client.


Always stick to your word


In business, and really in life, your word is your bond. Nothing will sink your professional credibility more quickly and dramatically than failing to live up to your agreements or to behave in an honest and forthright way in business.


Missing deadlines and violating agreements kills goodwill in a hurry, and if you allow the value of your word to be compromised, you can very find yourself ruined, professionally, for life.


Be careful what you promise, and always stick to your word.