The latest Instagram Update Jan 2019

Oh yes more changes to Instagram!

But don’t panic, all is well in the world of Insta, and this is only going to enhance your reach (not hurt it like the dreaded algorithm… yack – let’s not talk about that!)

The new update

New with the latest update is Alt Text. If you have a website you may have seen this with pictures you add. It’s a text description that displays if the picture doesn’t load. That may not sound much. Who wants to read words where a picture should be you ask – wait stop! It has a bigger purpose! Alt text is readable by Google meaning you can take advantage of it to make your website optimised to be found in search results.

So how does this help you grow on Insta?
The alt text will help your images be found on Instagram AND on Google! Which means you’re going to reach more people. You can add alt text under advanced settings when you post, or you can add to old pictures by editing. Instagram will try to assign a description automatically, but you may want to create your own for more accuracy and better results.

How to use for best results
When adding alt text you have 100 characters to describe the picture. Think about two things. Describe the picture accurately. For example, if it’s your dog lay in his bed write “a Springer Spaniel dog lay in on a blue bed”. Also think about keywords. If I was posting a picture for my account it may be me working on a laptop, for example, so I would write “a female entrepreneneur working on a laptop”. My reason being I want to come up in results for “female entrepreneur”

Get Insta working for your business
You may know my story. But for those of you who don’t this is the short version. Quit job Feb 2018 (hated it – made me depressed). Started She Hustles Inc May 2018. By July/August was a full time income. September took on team. Jan 19 launch new services and courses.

These are the facts, but what about me the girl behind the hustle?! Well I have time for life, I do all the school runs, I don’t miss the assemblies and plays where kids give their best Oscar worthy performances. I spend time with grandparents whilst I can. I walk my dog with no time restraints. I feel no stress from work or a boss I hate. I get to be creative and free rein to grow my business as I choose. Which mostly involves having Netflix on in the background whilst I chill with my laptop and a brew. Am I lucky maybe… did I work hard and find a way to achieve this – yes definintely!

So how did I achieve a full time business
I focused initally on growing an audience. If you don’t have an audience you have no one to market and sell your services to! I chose to do this through social media. I had my marketing background, but more was needed. I experimented and read and worked on the account until I found the most simplest quickest way to grow it. I found a way that takes very little time to grow very quickly (over 14,000 targeted engaged followers in 8 months).

I then implemented this over and over for my clients with the same results. One business quadrupled their income in 2 months alone! It’s free to do, no buying followers, no spammy tactics. In fact tactics that will convert your followers to customers. Which is often the missing piece.

After all what the point in having all those followers if they don’t want to buy from you!

You are important to me!
The other thing you may or may not know about me is how important it is for me to empower other women in business. So I decided to put my exact method in a planner. The planner is more than just how to organise your social media, it’s a guide to getting the most out your routine to grow the account.

Along side the space to plan and organise is a written guide explaining what to do and how to do it – in the most simple way possible.

Max growth – minimum time!