4 Big Business Scandals You Must Avoid At All Costs

Thinking about marketing, it’s important to know that there aren’t any issues lurking in the shadows that are causing bad buzz for your business. This can happen on social media, in ratings and reviews or it could simply be spread by word of mouth. Whatever the case, an issue like this could create a serious problem for your company and lead to reduced profits as well as sales. Typically, you should make sure that you are investing in a service that will allow you to keep a check on the buzz around your business online. But you should also know about the scandals that you should avoid if you want your company to remain profitable. Here are the top four.


Environmentally Unfriendly

It’s true to say that customers and clients these days are far more concerned about the planet than they were before. They want to know that they are purchasing from or dealing with a company that understands and takes environmental concerns seriously. You can guarantee this is the message your business sends in a number of ways.


Are you sending out products to customers? If that’s the case, you should make sure that you are using materials that are recyclable. Generally, this means avoiding plastic packaging and focusing on cardboard instead. Amazon are one of the main companies that has committed to this idea and even used it in marketing.


Of course, environmental concerns can be bigger. You might have a large level of waste in your business model. It’s crucial a business like this uses a plant hire to deal with it in a way that is eco-friendly and does not harm the planet.


Unfair Levels Of Pay

You might have noticed various news stories addressing unfair levels of pay. While this comparison began in Hollywood, it has now spread to various other industries including the media and teaching. It’s important that your business does not get wrapped up in this issue. Anyone completing a job should be getting the same level of pay as another person completing the same job regardless of gender, race or any other demographic. You won’t just face a bad buzz if you have this issue. You could actually find yourself dealing with a nasty and expensive lawsuit.


Issues With Harassment

Another issue that has been in the media lately is harassment. While the MeToo movement seemed to focus on Hollywood, it quickly spread across the globe with various individuals coming forward in different industries and sectors. You can avoid an issue with harassment in your business by making sure that use HR to keep track of worker concerns and guarantee that there are no problems with anything like this or bullying. Adopt a zero tolerance policy to eradicate the issue from your office.


Security Trouble

Finally, a lot of customers are now scared about whether or not their data is secure when entrusted to a business. Again, this isn’t surprising. Just look at how many companies have been exposed from BT to British Airways and Equifax. Now is not the time to be cutting corners with cybersecurity.


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