4 Questions You Need To Ask Before Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become something many businesses commit to, for any number of reasons. But the question we have to ask you today is this…


Is outsourcing right for your business?


While there are the advantages, there are some questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding to go down this popular route. Consider the following as examples.


  1. Do you need to outsource?

While an outsourced firm will offer you its special level of expertise, can you justify the expense? Especially when you may have staff able and willing to take on those tasks that you are considering outsourcing, there is little point in spending money on things that can be done in-house. For the long-term, it may make more sense investing in training for your staff, particularly in those areas that businesses usually outsource, such as marketing and web design. So, consider training providers for such things as marketing and SEO training before spending over the odds on the services of another firm.


  1. How trustworthy is the company you are considering?

You are handing over elements of your work to another company, but you need to be able to trust them. Are they going to complete projects on time? Will they provide good quality work? Will they pay attention to any needs and demands you may have? In some cases, you need to trust them and hope for the best. But you can reduce the risk of a job badly done by asking them to prove their credentials. Do they have references from previous customers? Do they have anything to showcase previous work done? And before hiring anybody, you can further reduce risk by asking for recommendations of people you are already in business with, and by reading customer reviews and testimonials online.

  1. Can you manage the relationship?

You are entering into a contract of business with another, so you will need skills (or have specific staff) to deal with the relationship you are creating. You need to communicate what it is you need from the company. You need to be willing to listen to their advice, even if they say things you don’t initially agree with. There may be the need to chase up work, especially when they have gone over the deadline. There are many facets to the relationship, both good and bad, and you will need to be in the position to manage it. From collaboration to creating a contract, ensure you have the necessary skills at your disposal.


  1. Do the positives outweigh the negatives?

It’s about weighing up the pros and cons. You can find out more by following the link, but know that the pros include increased efficiency and speed of delivery, while the cons include loss of control and issues around privacy. You need to work through each pro and con, calculate the risk, and then make a decision. While there are undeniable advantages to outsourcing, you don’t want to commit to something that may harm your business in any way. Still, if worried about any aspect, you can quiz the company you are considering before signing on any dotted line.


Thinking about outsourcing? Then ask yourself our questions first. And if we have missed out any vital aspect of the decision-making process, please let us know, and share your thoughts with us. Thanks for reading.