5 Ideas To Enhance Your Marketing


Marketing is a continually evolving industry. Just when you think you’ve got your strategy sorted, in comes a hot new trend to shake things up. To enhance your marketing in 2020, try focusing on the following areas.

1 . Enhance UX

To boost your marketing, begin by improving your UX. It’s advisable to focus on enhancing all stages of user experience. Providing highly engaging content is the easiest way to improve the UX on your site. This year, many marketers are using animated videos to express their brand stories. Ensuring that your layout is neat, concise and easy to use is another crucial step. Providing users with ‘micro-interactions’ is also a  beneficial way to enhance user experience. For example, you might offer simple ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons on your website.

2. Intelligent Content 

Intelligent content refers to an approach to your content; the approach involves treating it as a business asset and ensuring that it is semantically rich and structured. The end game is that the content is discoverable, high performing and engaging. Content marketing is of crucial importance to businesses across every industry. To help you to create high performing and intelligent content, there are a number of platforms available.

SEMrush is a top piece of content marketing software. It’s a platform which allows individuals to create a content roadmap by discovering topics, questions and headlines. You can also organize your marketing activities and keep track of your progress. Another option is StoryChief, the great thing about this platform is that it has some top collaborative features. Using StoryChief you can streamline the process of working as a team on content.

3. Use Stories

To forge a deeper connection with their audiences, many brands are using ‘Stories’ on Instagram. Using Stories is a top way to increase engagement and reach out to new audiences. There are plenty of ways that your brand can use Instagram Stories. For example, NASA often uses polls to ask their followers questions about science-themed topics. The Museum of Fine Arts Boston likes to add memes and funny quotes to their art history videos. When it comes to Stories, it’s all about using creativity to draw people in. Using video content in general is the best way to improve your branding this year.

4. Use a PR Agency 

Investing in a professional PR agency takes the work out of your marketing, and delivers amazing results. A great PR agency will be able to pitch stories that generate a real buzz amongst both influencers and journalists. You’ll be able to get yourself some top-notch creative content, without putting in the hours yourself. It’s best to choose a PR agency who has experience in your industry specifically. For example, law firms can try Elitelawyermanagement.com.

5. Use AI

Artificial intelligence can help you to improve your marketing in several ways. First up, using chatbots on your website is a fantastic way to boost your customer service. Chatbots can serve a large number of customers at the same time, plus they can answer queries 24/7. Another way to use A.I in marketing is by using remarketing tactics. With remarketing you can show potential leads your ads on their social media accounts.

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