5 Steps to NOT being afraid of the TRUE you!

I always wonder why so many of us are scared to live the life we are meant to live….

Well, I say I wonder… I feel I do know especially after I have studied Motivation and Mindset for these past few years and continue to do so. It’s hard to be our true selves sometimes especially when you have to be brave to do it…

Now I know not all of us are aware of our true calling or “Job”.

But when you have that light bulb moment I truly believe it’s your thoughts being aligned with the universe and you are being shown an opportunity. You could say aligned with your subconscious mind. Then the conscious mind takes over and decides to stop us in our tracks with negative or fearful thinking…

Now it’s tough to ignore and can be even tougher to sometimes listen and say “I hear you BUT I’ll find a way or I can handle this “

I have 5 simple steps you can take to help you be brave and find your way of fighting that negative talk and being the true you.

Let me start with one of my favourite inspirational quotes that I read often.


“You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through”.

Rosalynn Carter


  1. We need to up level our Mindset!

This is a big one and something if you like it or not I think is so crucial to work on!

You need to believe you are the best and who you are and what you do is what others need.

Your belief system is what actually determines the outcome of your day!

We get what we focus on. If you are focussing on negativity and what is not coming then it will never come.

I am dyslexic and at 14 I had a reading age of 7. If you had told me then I would be writing a blog and you would be reading this or that it would be published I would never have believed you. This happened because years ago I decided to change my mindset and focus on what I really wanted.

Strong belief systems attract success!


  1. Are you in alignment?

This is important when you are setting your goals. You need to think about how you really feel about them. Do they put fire in your belly? Are you so excited about the end result you just can’t stop thinking about getting that end result?

If you are feeling any doubts or worries it is a case of simply asking yourself is this what you really want or is it just the butterflies of getting ready for the success coming your way.


  1. What is your passion?

I talk a lot about Vision and Clarity when I am working with my clients, but when you realise you have a passion for something you have to recognise it and never let go of it. You need to make sure you know how you can attract more of what you want and what you are passionate about. Focusing on more passion is never a bad thing.


  1. Be Quiet and Still.

Meditation the art of being in a room in absolute quiet, letting yourself be still and allowing your thoughts to come and go. Just let the ideas flow and listen to them I cannot tell you how important that is.  It is something that will help you stay calm, and be aligned with your journey.  Why not make it a regular part of your morning ritual and find some time before you look at your phone to check your emails, just take those ten minutes to be still and quiet.


  1. Live your ideal life.

Imagine that no matter what you do in life you would be guaranteed the success you are aiming for, and there was no threat of failure.

Visualise your life and aim for it.

If you truly believe in your own capabilities, in how you serve and generate results for your clients or customers I say….

“Don’t wait, don’t stop and go and show to the world how amazing you are!”

It’s time to be brave to say “NO ENOUGH this is my life and I want better, I know I can have better, I rock in what I do!”

Why would you think otherwise?

Be you!

Be the woman you crave to be!

If you are struggling to find that woman, then be brave and shout from the top of your lungs and ask

“ help me find her”

There are plenty of us who will help and support you to find her!


Try these 5 steps!


What are you waiting for?


If you want more support you can find me here http://bit.ly/Step2gr8tness


Rebecca Cross – Business Success & Motivational Strategist