5 Tips for Moving Your Office on a Budget


Moving your office to a new location can be an overwhelming task. There are all the computers and furniture to pack up, moving companies to negotiate with, and the risk that something important will get lost or broken in transit. Not to mention the fact that you have to keep business running as usual as you move from one office to another.

It’s a stressful time for any business, especially if you are working to a limited budget. The costs of moving locations can rack up if you are not careful. To make things a little bit easier, here are five handy tips to help companies move offices as quickly and cheaply as possible.

  1. Start planning early

Getting a headstart on the moving process is one of the best things you can do. Booking moving companies or hiring vehicles in advance is often cheaper than calling up at the last minute. Creating a detailed timetable and strategy for moving office a few months in advance will enable you to save money and make the whole process more efficient. Start packing everything up with plenty of time before the moving date so you won’t need to resort to costly hired help when you realise you’re in over your head.

  1. Sell unwanted stuff

Relocating your company is a perfect opportunity for a spot of spring cleaning. You don’t want to bring all your old and unwanted rubbish into your shiny new office. Have a clearout of all your broken computers, battered furniture and any other inessential items you have lying around. Selling unwanted items on sites like eBay or Gumtree is a great way to add a bit of money to your moving budget.

  1. Is it tax-deductible?

There is a good chance that several of the costs incurred in moving will be tax-deductible. Transportation, packing materials, and shipping are just a few of the things that could count as deductible business expenses. Keep a record of all moving costs and check with an accountant if you’re unsure what could constitute a tax saving.

  1. Do it yourself

The most significant way to save money when moving office is to take care of the transportation process yourself. Hiring movers, although much more efficient, will set you back financially. A few employees with cars could do the same thing themselves for almost no cost. Most staff will generally be happy to help pack up and move the office. Rather than hiring manpower, it is much cheaper to rent a flatbed trolley or similar to help transport the load. Just ensure that safe manual handling procedures are followed when moving heavy equipment or furniture.

  1. Don’t forget technology

One of the most common complications when moving office is transferring technology between locations. Disconnecting and reconnecting IT equipment always leads to problems, so make sure you plan ahead to ensure a seamless transition. The business may not be able to function until the computer and phone systems are up and running. Get your technical department to create a plan for the move, detailing everything they need for the process to be as efficient as possible.

Moving offices can be daunting, but it is all about efficiency. As long as you plan ahead, you can ensure that the process is pain-free and budget-friendly.

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