5 Tools You Need To Boost Productivity Now

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Running your own business is a lot less champagne fuelled launches and lot more hard daily graft than people think – but you already know that. From chasing up unpaid invoices to managing employees performance, trying to keep the lead generation flowing to balancing the books, applying for funding and developing your marketing strategy – your to-do list is never ending. You already know you have persistence, creative vision and sheer hard work to thank for getting you this far. But could technology be giving you more of a helping hand? By using software to automate business processes where possible then you’ll free up valuable time for high value tasks such as creative thinking or networking, plus free up yourself and your employees to work from any location at any time, giving everyone much greater flexibility. The right technology can make your entrepreneurship so much smoother, so if you haven’t already got on board, here’s what you should be using this year…

Manage Tasks On The Go

Does your day to day just feel overwhelming? With so many competing priorities and tasks needing your attention, it can be quite easy to never feel on top of things. A good task management solution like OneNote can be the answer to your prayers. It operates like a tabbed digital notebook. You create as many sections as you like and you can set up lists, import graphics, set reminders and generally plan out your current workload. You can also share a notebook with other people, and it all works on any device, meaning you can clip items from your browser to a notebook which you can then access on your phone or tablet. The lists sync automatically in real time, so whoever is looking at them always has the most up to date version.

The Ultimate CRM Solution

Any company worth its salt needs a best in market agile CRM system to take care of your most important asset – your customers! A system like Nimble gives you the insight you need to make guiding business decisions and plan marketing promotions and customer events based on sales data and segmentation. Any contact you input can be updated automatically from their social media profile and you will also have full access to analytics and reporting in real time on the move. A great way to make smarter, informed decisions and keep your contacts to hand.

Financials In A Snap

In business, money is equivalent to energy. If you don’t have money matters sorted, you’re stalling the energy flow and inviting all kinds of problems. Get sorted with a one stop solution like Cloudpay. Using Cloudpay Payroll ensures that everyone gets paid on time without a whole lot of paperwork – just a seamless, easy to use online interface that will make it much less of a monthly hassle.

Streamline Your Documents

Did you know that up to two billion business related documents are created globally every single day? That is an awful lot of time spent on what is probably a lot of needless duplication. If there are certain types of documents you and your team create all the time, remove the hassle by using an app like Templafy to create fully adaptable, professional looking templates that anyone in your business can access. Your next professional looking sales pitch or wrap up report is just around the corner.

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