Are Trade Shows Worth The Time and Money?

Pixabay. CCO Licensed.

Trade shows can often seem like an exciting opportunity to attract new business. But as many companies discover, you’re likely to only generate a handful of direct customers. This begs the question: are trade shows worth the time and money?

After all, trade shows are a big investment. Companies can spend and sometimes thousands on a trade show and may pour hours into preparing for these events.

While it’s true that you generally won’t get many direct customers via a trade show, they can still be useful in other ways. Providing that you choose the right trade show and take full advantage of the opportunity, such events can in fact be very beneficial for your business. Here are just some of the reasons why trade shows may not be such a waste of time and money after all.

Brand exposure

While you may not always get customers buying your product or signing up on the day, trade shows can be a great form of brand exposure. This could encourage consumers to become familiar with your brand and buy from you at a later date – or recommend you to friends.

An eye-catching booth is often essential for ensuring that your brand is memorable. Bespoke exhibition stand contractors are worth hiring for creating a brand that people will remember. Doing a demonstration of your product or using videos could also help to make your booth memorable.

You can also give away business cards and promotional products to help people remember your brand. This could encourage people to look up your company or get in contact at a later date.

Competitor research

Trade shows are also a great opportunity to research your competition. There will likely be other companies present at the trade show offering a similar service to you. You can take some time out to see what they’re offering – you may be inspired to borrow a few ideas or it could help you to solidify your USP.


A trade show can also be a valuable opportunity for networking. There could be companies attending the trade show that are not direct competitors that you can build a relationship with – and possibly cross-promotional opportunities. There may even be other companies there that could be potential clients.

Employee engagement

When it comes to motivating employees, trade shows can also be great opportunities. You can get your whole team involved in organising the trade show. They can then come along and be a part of the buzz. It could be an opportunity to get employees out the office and make them feel more passionate about your brand.


Taking part in a trade show is also something to show off about. You can post about it on social media and post pictures of it on your website – this could help to boost your credibility as an exciting and successful company and could help to generate more customers. Don’t just look at it as a single day of marketing but a long-term form of marketing that can boost your company image.