Best Marketing Practices for 2021

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2020 has been a strange year but from a digital marketing perspective there have been excellent opportunities to assess the quality of practices against higher audience engagement. Moving into 2021 marketers will adjust some of these practices to take account of performance finding and technology development. Don’t miss out on the upcoming trends in DM, read on to find out more. 

Foster Authentic Relationships

The marketing landscape has been changing over the last few years and the next step for companies is to Foster authentic relationships with customers. Gone are the days when a blanket campaign will result in relevant customers.

Today’s customers have grown used to being treated as equals and now expect this as a standard. Personalisation will be big in 2021, and it will be more sophisticated than simply using a customer’s name. Brands will need to craft effective personal for their target audience. 

Marketing Automation 

In the last few years automation has been the technology every marketing professional is championing. Automation tools  especially for email have proved themselves to be extremely effective at grabbing the attention of a target audience and retaining customers.

In 2021, automation will continue to be extensively used, however, it will grow in sophistication and possibility. Marketing automation that was once used to target segmented groups will start to be used for more specific customers based on their personas and browsing history. 

Improved SEO

SEO is not a new trend by any stretch but it is changing, especially as users change their habits and technology develops. In 2020 there was more video and image content uploaded to the net than ever before and that affects SEO.

Technology has also developed with voice search becoming more sophisticated and users responding. In 2021 there will be an increase in voice and video search meaning your SEO should be optimised for this as well. An SEO Agency can do this for you and will give you the edge over the competition. 

Social Media Management 

Not surprisingly there was a massive surge in social media usage in 2020 and this is set to continue into next year. If there was ever a time for companies to engage with their social media audience and build lasting bonds, this is it. 

Transparency has become the buzzword in social media management, and for a good reason. Users want and expect to engage with brands authentically and holistically and social platforms are the best channels. In 2021, build a strong rapport with your audiences and discover new trends .

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO should be at the top of the list for every marketer going into 2021. It might sound complicated but it’s a simple and effective concept. CRO refers to the effectiveness of landing pages and uses certain tests and practices to ensure visitors are pushing the right buttons. 

Marketers have realised that it’s too expensive to invest in landing pages that don’t deliver and optimization seems to be the answer. A landing page can be fine tuned using a simple sign up form, or A/B tested and appropriately tweaked. 

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