Blog Away: Success Comes With These Five Tips

Blogging may seem like the new hot thing, but there’s a good reason for it. A blog gives a company a way to reach their customers and clients while simultaneously giving their business a personality. Deciding to start a blog is in itself a big deal because you’re making a conscious decision to do more for your business. You’re saying that you have things to say and you have an opinion to give and you want to say them all to your customers: and they love it.


Customers love to be able to connect with a business, but a blog has to be more than just content written in blocks on a website. It needs to be engaging and pretty to look at and you need to be marketing it correctly. Before you can dive in and get writing, you have to decide whether your blog is going to be attached to your business website, or if you want to have a standalone website to use for your content that will link through to the main site. Whichever way that you decide to do this, you need to be able to be successful and here are five tips to get you there:



Design It Right. Your blog needs to look good, sure, but it also needs to be well-supported. Checking out www.webdesignreview.co.uk/ to figure out which web design agency you should start using for your blog can be monumental in helping you to make decisions. The agency you choose can help you set your blog up to be designed perfectly to reflect your brand.

Make It Optimised. Your site needs to be accessible to customers on a range of platforms, which means that they need to be able to access your site from their smartphones, tablets and computers. It has to be fast and it has to be optimised for mobile to harness the traffic!

Know Your Audience. You need to market your website correctly, and to do this you need to know who your marketing to. Learning about your audience and what they like can help you to market to them effectively, making your blog a place they want to click.

Go Bold. You need bold titles to capture the attention of the readers, and when it comes to your content, it’s the bold and the brave that gain the clicks and the conversions. Always go for the best, most attention-grabbing titles. You won’t regret your effort.

Social Media Splurge. You need to have calls to action and share button on all posts so that people will share them on social media for you. If you have these easily accessible buttons on your web pages, you’ll find more and more people sharing them on. A successful blog comes with shares because shares bring people and people are what you need the most.


Your blog needs to kick off nicely and with the tips above this is exactly what could happen for you.