Boost Sales at the End of the Year


We are getting into that time of year where you can get a healthy boost to your sales just by being available. The end of the year with all of its festivities is the ideal time for you to spend a little bit more on getting your business out there so that you can drive sales up and enjoy a profitable close to the year. So, let’s discuss how you can go about doing that.


You’ve been frustrated at Christmas time and you’ve not known what to buy and for whom. So has everyone, and that is why you should be providing answers to customers when they are crying out for one. Even if you don’t think what you’re offering is going to be a viable gift, that doesn’t mean it won’t be. With so much on offer these days, shoppers are embracing the opportunity to think outside of the box in the hope their gift will be well received and more importantly not returned due to duplication.


First of all, social media is going to be key to your success. You have several options available to you on websites like Twitter and Facebook so you don’t have to limit yourself to one strategy online, though you might prefer to throw all of your weight behind one campaign rather than many small ones. Social media management and search engine optimisation go hand in hand when it comes to increasing traffic to your website and ultimately that will have a big role in your sales. Posting frequently or with high quality, targeting the hashtags and trends that will get you noticed and ensuring your content is engaging could be the difference between boosting sales and flatlining.



Continuing with what you can do online. Make sure you are adjusting your AdWords to be reflecting the season and more specifically the people you are targeting. Look at Google Trends to see what consumers were searching at the end of 2017 to see if you can work those terms into your advertising. In the final two months of the year, shopping trends higher on Google than at any other point of the year, you want to make sure that you’re getting some of those searches coming your way.


We don’t have to just focus on the online way of marketing. In fact high streets are swarmed with people in the run-up to Christmas and it might just be a good opportunity for you to get your brand out there with an eye not only on their current shopping list but to keep your product in their minds as the new year approaches. For example, you can hand out a wide range of promotional items during this period as people are rushing between shops, maybe a tote bag or stationary – helpful items that won’t just be used in this period but will help create brand recognition for many months to come. A quick look online and you can find out more possibilities for your marketing campaign than just trusting words.


You’ve put the work in to design your brand, now get it out there.



The reason this time of year can be so fruitful for you is that you know there will be shoppers and their habits are easier to predict. So don’t be afraid to narrow down your target market, perhaps earlier in the year you’re casting a wider net to attract customers who aren’t necessarily looking to spend money, but at the end of the year, people have money they have saved and are looking to spend it. A more specific advertising campaign might just save you money as well as bringing in a more accurate client base to boost sales.


A small aside to the marketing plan is to ensure you can deliver on your promises. Shipping schedules as Christmas approaches can be problematic. Before you start your big campaign make sure you have confirmation from your local delivery service that you will be able to fulfil your orders. This time of year is an excellent opportunity to build up new customer relationships so don’t let yourself down by having goods undelivered. Knowing that you can handle a shipping issue will give you a big confidence boost and demonstrate to your customer base that you’re not just for Christmas.


So, you have a marketing strategy and you’re feeling confident that you can handle the sales. But have you considered alternative income? At this time of year the more you can offer the better. As discussed above, you may have targeted a narrow market but just because they have visited your store to buy your specific product doesn’t mean you can’t get them to buy more. At any other time of the year, spending money on the stock which you don’t specialise in can seen reckless, but at Christmas there are so many different types of product that you might want to explore what else you could sell to give your sales a small boost.


This opportunity comes knocking but once a year so whether you’re selling an experience or a product, utilise the commercial nature of the Christmas period to boost your sales. Yes, social media has made it easier to target shoppers online over the Christmas period with promoted posts and hashtags, but don’t let that stop you from going traditional with promotional items.


A combined strategy, a dual attack, to bring as many shoppers into your store be it ecommerce or bricks and mortar could give you a boost in the festive season that will make your celebrations a little bit merrier and hopefully your pockets a little bit heavier.


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