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Why You Need To Outsource In Your Business

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When it comes to outsourcing in business, most business owners are scared and feel overwhelmed because they simply don’t know where to start. Many of them try to bootstrap for as long as possible, and whilst bootstrapping isn’t exactly a bad thing, and is sometimes recommended when starting a business, it can also lead to a place of thinking that they don’t need to outsource anything and that they’re the best person for everything in their business.

This simply isn’t true, because nobody can be good at everything, and this is no different just because it’s your business.

Of course it’s a scary thing to let go of some control with your business because it means so much to you and you want it to be the best it possibly can be so it’s not exactly the most comforting thought in the world to just hand over parts of it to someone else who may not care about it as much as you do.

However, if you really want to grow and scale your business, then outsourcing is the best way to do this, and once you start with it you’ll see that it was never as scary as you thought, and you’ll even wonder why you never started sooner.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some reasons why you need to outsource in your business.

It frees up time:

Time is truly the most valuable asset we have, and although we can always make more money, time is something that once it’s gone, it’s gone, and we’re not getting it back, so if you want to make the best of your business, then you need to be focusing your time on the things that actually matter and then using your free time to enjoy the rewards that your business is bringing you. This is what outsourcing allows you to do. So, instead of trying to do all the things in your business and stressing yourself out by not being great at them, then allow someone else to do those for you since they probably know the best tools to use and where to get the best newsletter templates at Postman whereas you might spend too much time trying to figure these things out.

It gives you creative space:

As a business owner and creative entrepreneur, you’re probably someone who has a million ideas a minute, and when you’re constantly focused on the wrong things, you’re not using your creative energy to come up with new ideas. When you outsource, then this extra time allows you to do just that.

It can help you make more money:

Although you’re spending money to hire someone for certain things, you’re actually going to be saving and making more money since if you’re trying to do things yourself that you’re not great at, and that aren’t money-making tasks, then you’re taking time away from things that could be bringing money into your business, and that you actually enjoy doing.

It gives someone else a job:

When you outsource anything in your business, you’re giving someone else a job, and this is never a bad thing – it contributes to the economy, of course, but it’s helping someone provide for their family in a way that’s flexible for them and allows them to do something they’re good at and enjoy.

The Likeliest Of Sources: Why Outsourcing Isn’t A Bad Thing

There are always components that we can view as giving us a bad image, especially when we are at the beginning of a business. Yes, reputation is everything, but when we are working at building our empire up from the ground we need to take the opportunity to harness whatever we can get, especially if we are struggling in a financial sense. Outsourcing is something that is met with quite a bit of derision, because some people view it as a great way to get yourself off the ground, but others look at it in a negative light. But, outsourcing isn’t actually a bad thing at all, and why is this?

It’s A Way To Get Skills For Cheap

If you are trying to get everything together, and you need a handful of freelancers to fill in the gaps in your knowledge, these freelancers are highly skilled, and with the numerous websites out there, you can have your pick of the bunch. Hiring a freelancer is another aspect of outsourcing, and you could find out more on www.entrepreneur.com/ to ensure that you do it right, but at the end of the day, when we’re trying to find the right talent, we have to pay more. But, when we are working at getting our website completed, or there are some small admin tasks that need finishing, hiring someone for a couple of days’ work is cheaper than hiring someone full time, and they have the necessary skills. It’s win-win!


You Can Use Local Talent

Wherever you are in the world and whatever the task, you can harness local talent to get the job done. If you are native to Australia, and you are in the construction industry, but you haven’t got the funds necessary to get the equipment, there are numerous resources like www.freogroup.com.au/ where you can hire a mobile crane. The fact is by making the most of local resources it’s not just beneficial in terms of verbal shorthand, but you are making the most of local talent which can benefit your local economy. It’s also a great way to make the most of future business relationships because by building bridges with local suppliers, you are giving yourself a major advantage.


It’s A Great Way To Utilize Lean Business Practices

By using freelance talent and outsourced suppliers as and when you need them, you are naturally practicing how to run a lean business. This is a skill that will serve you in good stead when you develop the company. They’re going to be times where you going to have to learn how to trim the fat and cut certain expenses, and so, by using talent as and when it’s required, this is a very easy way for you to practice maximum efficiency with the minimum of resources.

Outsourcing isn’t a bad thing at all, but it has had bad press, especially from the perspective of permanent members of staff, because it seems to be a cheaper alternative to hiring full-time staff. Of course, this is true, but when you are in the position where you need to operate with the most minimum of resources, outsourcing becomes your go-to option.


Business Strategy Consultations

business strategy

What do you get from a Business Strategy Consultation?

Do you have a dream of where you’d like your business to be in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years even? Do you know how you are going to get your business to that dream business? I  mean do you have concrete plan to execute month by month? With realistic goals and targets? Do you know the help you can get? What services you could use? What free options are available? Who you could network with?

How you could make more money by doing less?

That’s where a business strategist can help. We look at where you are now, and where you want to be. Using my network and experience I help you set goals, explore new ideas, and maximise your business’s potential. Typically my services will see your customer list grow.

My business strategy consultation help you get your business from where you are now, to your dream business as quickly as possible.


How am I qualified as a Business Strategy Consultant?

Whilst I do hold a diploma in business, I have to say my knowledge comes from over ten years of running various businesses. I have managed all sorts of businesses from dog walking, through to personal training, through to freelance writing! I have served local customers in person, I have served people on the other side of the world online. I have worked with animals, children and adults! I had businesses before Instagram even existed!

And all of them were a success. 

The only reason I don’t have those businesses now is because I created a better business. When I say better, I realised what I wanted in life. Where I wanted to direct myself, how I wanted to live. I stopped having work or businesses that dictated my life to me and reversed it. I now have a business that I love and fits my lifestyle and I want to share everything I learned with you!


Click here to book in and find out more!

Rash Employment Decisions Which Could Leave A Nasty Mark

No one likes a rash. Left unchecked, these pesky skin irritations can soon turn nasty. Either through itching or severity, a rash can leave a nasty mark and even a lifelong scar.

Admittedly, it’s unlikely your business is going to get red and itchy anytime soon. But, rashes come into play here, too, especially when it comes to big decisions. Making rash choices with a business you’ve worked hard to build is the worst thing you can do. In fact, far from slight irritation, rashness in business could see your dreams crumbling.


Rash Employment Decisions Which Could Leave A Nasty MarkPicture Credit


As such, it’s crucial you take your time over every decision. And, never is that more important than when it comes to employment. Given employees are largely responsible for success, you could say taking time here is most important of all.

Yet, a shocking amount of employers rush this. After all, employment is a sideline rather than a real focus. Yet, rash decisions here could leave the nastiest mark imaginable. So, we’re going to look at two times when speed definitely shouldn’t be the name of this game.

Hasty hire

Hiring in haste is always a mistake. We get it; this is a pain in your backside, and it’s taking you away from your work. Hence, you don’t bother with background checks or questions. Instead, you ensure candidates meet the minimum requirements before offering them the job. The trouble is, this is both damaging and, ultimately, more time-consuming. After all, how can you expect to retain your employees if you don’t even take time to discover their long-term goals? If you hire staff who intend to leave, you’ll need to start again, and thus spend even more time on this. Even if staff stick around, there’s no guarantee they’ll be right for you. As can be seen from sites like www.inc.com, there are certain questions you should always take time to ask during interviews. These are essential for determining how a candidate acts. They alone can tell you whether they’re a good fit. Rather than making a mark on your company, measures like these make sure staff fit seamlessly.



Fast fire

Fast firing is also a risk. You have a legal obligation to staff, and that works when it comes to firing, too. Even in the case of gross misconduct, the correct procedures should be put in place. Rather than rashly telling a staff member they’re fired, you need to suspend and investigate. You should also hold disciplinary meetings. If you’re unsure of the legality, you could work with companies like http://gbirnlaw.com/services/offer-letters-and-employment-agreements who can help you get this right. Either way, you can’t fire someone without taking time over it.

Failure to follow the necessary avenues could leave you open to reputation-damaging lawsuits. As well as giving the impression you’re a bad employer; this could see the staff member reinstated. The last thing you want is a team member who has a grudge against you. And, all you need to do stop is it take your time!



Helping Your Employees Feel Protected On The Road

You care deeply about your employees. While you may be the driving force and the vision behind your enterprise, you’re always sure to give your employees their due. Quite simply, you don’t know where your business would be without them. Your ideas, passion and sheer strength of will may have caused your business to rise up from out of nowhere to become the successful enterprise that it is today but it’s their inventiveness, creativity, hard work, passion, people skills and wholehearted willingness to invest themselves in your brand have been what’s helped it to go from strength to strength. As such, you want the best for them. You don’t want to be the kind of boss who’s an appalling micromanager, taking their responsibilities out of their hands and leaving their skills to atrophy. Likewise, you don’t want to be the kind of boss who sends their employees into potentially worrying situations unprepared.

A good entrepreneur understands the value of nurturing and supporting their employees. But while this is easy on the premises, it’s a little harder when sending employees out on the road. Even confident drivers can get skittish when it comes to using their vehicles for professional purposes. Fear not, here are some ways in which you can ensure that they feel safe and protected and thus are able to give you their all on the road.

Helping Your Employees Feel Protected On The Road

Give them the very best training

Training is the single most way of driving professional standards and maintaining the quality you associate with your brand. But if you treat training as a “one and done” exercise, don’t be surprised if your employees’ skills start to erode over time or they lapse into bad habits.

The right ongoing training can ensure that your employees know exactly how to conduct themselves on the road and what to do in the event of an incident or an issue with their vehicle.


Show them that you have their back when incidents arise

Many roadbound employees worry that their employer will through them under the proverbial bus if they are involved in a collision, even if they are not at fault. You can demonstrate your commitment to them in instances like this by ensuring that they have proper legal representation to help them pursue justice. See more from Winer, McKenna, Burritt & Tillis. This will empower them and give them confidence without compromising their driving standards.


Let tech be their shield

Technology can be enormously helpful in empowering employees on the road. Telematics and GPS solutions can allow them to calculate safe routes and manage their time effectively while dash cams can help them to demonstrate that they are using the skills with which you imbue them and help them to defend themselves when involved in an incident.


Give them a direct line to you

If you have the trust and respect of your employees, it may simply be empowering and helpful for them to have a direct line to you personally should they need your help, advice or counsel. Needless to say, if you offer them this, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you can be reached on that number at all times.