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I failed 3,729 times…then success came!

In the past, I’ve posted snippets of my story and how I got to where I am now in business, but for the first time ever I thought I’d tell the story from the perspective of how you might be able to use my failures to help you on your journey.

The first thing I’d like to point out however is;


It’s only a failure if you give up right!

Let’s take it back to the start

So let’s go back to the start, well the uni days at least. I actually studied Forensics and Analytical Science at university. However, I didn’t complete the course. A group of 8 girls on a night out had other ideas for me and unfortunately after a lovely night out with a friend we were attacked walking for a taxi. My skull was fractured in two places. They attacked for the sake of it, they didn’t take my phone, purse or jewellery.

I wasn’t very well for a while after and so I struggled to keep up with uni, with my bills and life in general. At the time I worked in marketing for a night club, this meant working the evening, and the noise and lights were too much with my head injury. I slipped into debt. By the time I could be around actual lights again, I owed so much money I needed to work full time and so I couldn’t manage my degree..

And that was that. Welcome to being an adult!! But so began my interest in marketing and sales!

An so the obsession began

What I love about marketing and sales is the psychology behind it. It’s not luck that you get a sale. It’s about understanding people’s behaviour and predicting it, and even shaping it. However, I didn’t know this at the start.

I loved working in marketing, I worked for a German engineering company, I worked for a entertainment business. I got to travel and studied and perfected my craft. Now you have to remember I did all this just as websites were really getting popular for businesses, Facebook was a mere twinkle in Zuckerberg’s eye at this point.

Then 11 years ago I had my first side hustle that was all mine. I started dog walking. The business had a small website but Facebook was the main place I got the business from. Boy was it easy to get business on Facebook back then!! I dog walked whilst on maternity. I put Kaitlyn in a carrier and earned extra money to make maternity leave a little more comfortable. When I went back to work, however it was hard to give time to the business, a 1 year old and my job, so the it was the business that gave way.

Rinse and repeat

Over the years this happened a few times. I’d want extra cash, maybe for a holiday, maybe a new car. I’d start a business, earn what I needed then pass the business on to someone else and resume my neat employed life.

I sold jewellery, I trained for 2 years (alongside my fulltime job) to be a personal trainer, I made handmade children’s clothes (still do!), I blogged. I tried Avon, looked into Forever Living and more!

But over time I wanted more. I’d got the bug. Structuring my own time, no earnings bracket. The decisions being all mine. Not disagreeing with a boss but having to do their bidding anyway.

I didn’t know it at the time but I’d been learning all there was to know about marketing and sales, and I’d been practicing on what I call my “mini businesses”. And all this was there ready for what came next.

The horror bag

One of my best and worst qualities is that I give give give. This is usually to the detriment of myself. And then when you can no longer give I find people get really annoyed with me and treat me quite poorly. When you have some one that is fair and doesn’t take take take the relationship works well. I’m not sure what you think, but I find many people are happy to exploit your good nature.

In the last job I was in the boss went one step further. She didn’t just take advantage. She was an outright fruit loop! She took great delight in making me feel as degraded as possible. I felt sorry for her really. She was in her fifties, and it makes you wonder what happened to a person to make them so mentally cruel?

At this stage in my life, mid thirties, two children, bills to pay, responsibilities area driver, especially in the work you do. I felt I SHOULD have a 9-5, I SHOULD go out to a job. My status was measured on my job title. My happiness certainly was not.

And boy did I start to slip. I got really down. I would sit at my desk in floods of tears before my boss arrived at the office. I would have to ring my sister or my other half to get help in stopping the sheer unhappiness pouring out of my body. You know that crying where you can’t breathe and it’s overwhelming – yeah that.

she hustles inc

Life became empty

It was like coffee didn’t have any taste, like the sun had no warmth, my children’s happiness was a necessity but I no longer felt it with them. I was going through the motions lost in the routine of the mundane and the SHOULDS.

And one day I broke. Now don’t confuse matters. Was I severly depressed and broken – yes. Did I have half an eye on my dignity – thank God -yes also! I calmly told my boss if she wanted the document finishing that I was working on then she’d have to do it herself as she wouldn’t be seeing me again. Got my coat and left. For good. Mid day.

Sheer panic kicked in. What had I done? How would I pay the bills?

For one month I existed. That was all I could manage. I prayed for the anti-depressants to kick in so I could feel something again. I waited and waited. And after 3-4 weeks the clouds parted and I felt the warmth of the sun again.

Welcome to the new and best chapter

So there I was, it was like I’d climbed out of the pit of depression and I was sat perilously on the edge. I could sink or I could try to get away. And I crawled away with every single fibre of me. I started writing for people. I made a decision that this was the time. This was the time for my own business I just felt it in my gut. It would take me away from the precipice, I just knew it. The business began “As Acorns Grow” – why was me growing and placing down strong roots. I didn’t feel it was quite right so I changed to Female Entrepreneur Hub, but then not long after discovered the Female Entrepreneur Association so thought I’d better change again and I became She Hustles Inc!

The official launch

I officially launched in May 2018 and I knew what I wanted from the business. I wanted to work from home. My home is my sanctuary. I was still having panic attacks from the episode in February and I just felt like when I was home I was safe and comforted.

I wanted to be able to choose my own hours as much as possible. I had learnt from all my service based businesses that in working for clients they dictate your hours, so ideally my business would be around a passive income model. And obviously, I knew that I wanted to share my passion for growing businesses. I wanted to share my 14 years of working in marketing and sales, and all the lessons from my side hustles.

The business grew… and grew… and grew!

Within 3 months the business was fulltime. A mixture of courses, products, paid blogging opportunities and clients was bringing in money, not just enough to pay the bills but to enjoy life again.

In October I was invited to speak at an event in London. That’s around 3 hours from me in the North of England. It took me about three weeks to say yes as my anxiety really kicked in. It was the thought of leaving the kids and my home – AKA the sanctuary. But something said to take the opportunity. And I did. My other half came with me for support and the last of my anxiety ebbed away.

I started the trip clinging to his arm. Trying to be brave. I ended it thinking I could take on the world!

What can you take from this?

Well, I’ve been a rock bottom. Crappy jobs, no money, the depths of depression. But that doesn’t define you. What defines you is how hard you climb. How hard are you willing to fight for your goal? What will you do for your dream?

Find your fight then make a plan. (I can help you with that bit! But the fight, that’s on you my lovely!)

I decided recently I wanted to give my fellow ladies a real boost in business. I know what it’s like trawling around Google looking for all the answers so I wanted to give you a head start and skip that part.

You can get my 6 best performing strategies here for your business

I hope it helps you to know that you’re not alone, that it can be done and that we don’t all have shiny perfect Insta lives! I’m always here if you ever need help!

Hannah Louise

She Hustles Smarter Not Harder

I once received an email from a person I really respected saying how they rejected “hustle”. They went on to define “hustle” as a negative thing, saying it’s about working endlessly like a hamster on wheel, going round and round and round.

See I don’t see hustling like that at all. My aim, for example, is to hustle for just a few hours per day maximum and just 3-4 days a week…. but for a full time income!

That’s hustling smart, not hustling endlessly. The problem isn’t with hustling… it’s with how you hustle.

Let’s put it another way. You need to sweep up leaves from a path. Do you

(A) grab a decent outdoor broom and start swiftly brushing in one direction, with a bag or bin ready to collect the pile of leaves at the end


(B) walk to one end, pick up a leaf with your fingers, walk back to the other end and place it in the bin. Repeat for the next 5 hours until done.

The job gets done either way, but I think we’d all agree that B is a waste of your precious time.


Here’s some ways I do this;

A list a day keeps hard hustle away

As a fairly organised person, I do love a good list. I am a huge advocate of Trello. I am bloody obsessed with it, to be honest! I like the fact I can access it via an app and on my desktop. However you chose to write your lists I recommend having a few lists;

  1. Standard every day to do list. A list of jobs that must be done every day, e.g. checking email, posting to social media.
  2. Standard weekly list. The jobs that you can get away with once a week, for example, updates to your website or maybe writing one or two blog posts.
  3. To do list. The ad hoc one-off tasks that you need to get done. I like to use Trello as I can put them in order of priority.

Hustle in your sleep

This doesn’t mean getting up in the middle of the night to do emails, but rather creating a passive income. There’s nothing quite like the joy of waking up to notifications saying you’ve received money whilst you sleep! Think about what you do, even if it’s service based, you may be able to offer a guidebook, a course, a printable that you can sell to support your work.

Outsource your hustle

Another way to help you achieve more and work less is by hiring a virtual assistant to do the work for you. As soon as income allows in the business hand out admin tasks so you can keep being creative in your business or have more time for yourself.

There are a ton of ways you can work more efficiently, and you can reduce the hours you work by growing a business and hiring a team. But to get to this stage you have to hustle hard. That doesn’t mean not taking care of yourself. It doesn’t mean working endless hours. It means prioritising, doing the tasks that make a difference and being consistent. It means planning.

So don’t reject hustle. Just hustle smarter.

Meditation for busy mums

What springs to mind when you think of meditation? Total serenity, peace of mind and clarity (sounds amazing!)? Hours sat cross-legged, ohm-ing and humming (not quite so amazing…)? It’s everywhere these days, and you’ve probably got your own ideas of it and the benefits it brings. But surely, there’s no way you could fit half an hour of mind-clearing meditation in when you’ve got 1,000 things on your to-do list, screaming babies/toddlers probably destroying some precious ornament or a dog/cat/budgie that needs feeding/walking/petting desperately?

Actually, as I discovered (thank goodness I did!), you can fit meditation into a very small time-frame. Say, 3 minutes. That doesn’t mean you lose out on the benefits though! I found meditating for 3 minutes left me feeling recharged, relaxed, and not thinking of the 1,000 things on my to-do list.

Keep reading for some more bite-sized info about what meditation is and why you really, REALLY need to try it out – go on, who doesn’t have 3 minutes?

What actually is meditation?

At it’s most basic, it is a way to quieten the mind. It is still seen as a religious/spiritual thing, but it can just be used for simple relaxation.

Meditation myths and the truths behind them

There are so many myths around meditation and I believed so many of them myself, I’ll be honest! Here are a few of the bigger myths that I’ve noticed, and the truth behind them!

  1. Meditation means having a silent mind. Like that would ever happen! Meditation is about recognising the internal monkey in your head and deciding not to pay attention to it. It’s like you’re getting onto every train that pulls into the station (if the service hasn’t been cancelled, that is). You’ve got to choose whether to get on the train or not. Most of the time, we do. You get more chance to stay on the platform and overrule those invasive thoughts with meditation.
  2. Meditation takes forever! Any length of time meditating can give you tonnes of benefits, which I’m pretty sure I proved by giving you the 3-minute meditation. No need to spend hours sat cross-legged (numb feet, anyone?). Just 3 minutes. 
  3. Meditation is for religious or spiritual purposes. You can be a total athiest and still enjoy the benefits of meditation.
Why do I need to meditate?

There are so many benefits to meditation, including some you probably already know about and others you probably didn’t. Here’s some more convincing, if you need it (3 minutes!):

  • Stress reduction (yes please!). This is probably the most obvious one and the most popular reason people try meditation these days. It also actually works – trust me, it does, but if you want proof, this article has a load of research links.
  • It can improve your mood and your emotions. When you’re looking at your extensive to-do list or some member of your family is yelling for something, you won’t feel quite so annoyed. It can even help to reduce anxiety or depression.
  • It can reduce work stress! Whether you have a business or work for someone else, this is a fantastic benefit!
  • It can help increase your awareness. This includes awareness of yourself. This is the more spiritual angle of meditation.
  • It can increase compassion to yourself and others. It’s amazing that it can make you kinder to others, but we could all do a lot more self-compassion, couldn’t we?
Tips for meditating

Whether you’ve suddenly been taken over by an urge to meditate or you’ve done it before, here are some tips to help you:

  • Make a habit of it by doing it first thing in the morning, before you get caught up in kids/business/commute, etc.
  • Forget the how. Just do it. Sit on a chair/sofa/bed. You don’t even need to be cross-legged (no numb feet!). Just sit somewhere quiet.
  • Find something to focus on. Count your breaths, repeat a mantra (try here for some good ones) or focus on a physical object like a candle flame.
  • Use a guided meditation. There’s the 3-minute one I’ve linked already, but here’s another one for you to try.
  • When thoughts arise (which they definitely will!), when you realise you’ve gotten on the train, return to focussing on your breath or your mantra or object. You’ll get off the train again and be still.
  • Do not, for goodness sake, worry that you’re not doing it right. There isn’t really a right or wrong. Meditation is called a practice for a reason – you won’t be perfect first time. But then, it isn’t really about perfection!
Why you need to meditate

Taking 3 minutes to yourself a day to meditate and re-centre can actually help you be more present in the rest of your life. Think about it this way – when you’re [insert activity here] with your kids/husband/laptop, are you really fully present? Or are you thinking about your massive to-do list? I know what I’m doing and I’d put money on the fact you’re exactly the same.

What have you got to lose? 3 minutes out in return for a half hour of present, ridiculously fun times with your kids or other half. Or even better focus on your work!

Handy resources

Here are the resources all neat and tidy for those who skimmed to the bottom (I know you’re there!). Take my word for it, it’s a worthwhile investment.


3 minute meditation
7 minute meditation

Links for further reading

Some handy mantras for you
More tips on meditating
The scientific benefits

Apps to try

Headspace – they have some free guided meditations to get you started.

The Spiritual, Entrepreneur Mother

Life before becoming a “Spiritual Mumpreneur”

Being a mum and a step-mum brings with it its own challenges of not really putting yourself first, not understanding your worth and fighting for any bit of free time you can get. Do your evenings consist of feeding the kids (munching on their leftovers), bathing the kids (where a splash in the face feels like some sort of new, trendy spa treatment), putting them to bed (wrestling with some sort of ape- saves a trip to the gym) and then sitting down on your phone all evening for a bit of “me” time??

Yep! I remember those days… I used to watch all these spiritual, mindful, mums on Instagram and blogs and think to myself…

How the heck will I ever find time to meditate, journal and even think about manifesting my best future with…

1.5 kids, 1 business, 1 part-time job and 1 part-time degree…oh, and planning my wedding too!?

But, I found a way…


Well, it’s not much of a secret. I just get up half an hour before the kids do!  So, my morning routine involves 10 minutes of meditation, 10 minutes of journaling and then 10 minutes visualising and manifesting my goals for the day. BUT the biggest thing I do? Put MYSELF first. Now by this, I don’t mean my kids starve or stay dirty, but what I am saying is, sometimes I put them to bed early with a film on so I can have time to do stuff for me!


Me time

Now, those 3 hours of “me” time I would get in the evening to sit on my phone? Well, I started reading, listening to podcasts, having my own baths and spending time with my other half sharing our dreams and plans for our family.


Spiritual Woo- Woo

I started to read up about the law of attraction and all of the other laws of the universe and my whole perspective on life completely changed. I’ve always been a bit “woo-woo” anyway. Questioning the way of the world and wondering about all things bigger than me.  There was just something about these laws that made sense. As I was reading them, it wasn’t like I was learning, it was more of an agreement and finally seeing on paper what I had known all along.

So, spirituality can start to make you feel more in touch with the world and yourself. But, as a mum, what made me finally decide to start putting myself first?

The realisation, that no one else will. Ever. I am the only person responsible for my happiness, my relaxation and my “me” time. AND, most of all…a happy, mindful mother and step-mother makes happy, mindful children. They have grown up to learn to put themselves first. Most importantly, that they are the only people responsible for their happiness and what an amazing adult that would be!



You are your child’s role model. Think about what adults you want them to grow up to be…and let that, if nothing else, be your reason for putting yourself first today!



Guest post was written by Victoria

I am a mind-set coach, specifically helping mums, step-mums and entrepreneurs to grow their self worth and learn to invest money and time in themselves.

Find me at Living Apperley Ever After



What fear is holding you back?

I had coffee with my long-time crime partner today, and we were talking about just random things happening in our lives, and my writing came up.  She told me she thought I should get published.  Hmmm, “Publish what?” I asked politely (because that’s how we chat with each other, is politely – ah-hem).  I told her that I lack focus and just write about random life moments, perhaps sharing about a vulnerable moment or a fear I’m facing.

“So what’s the point?” I asked her, rather dramatically.  To which she replied (politely, of course…), “Maybe you have something there.”

No, she was not being snarky, although she may, might-sorta-kinda, rival me on the snark-scale.  She was sincerely saying to me that, simply put, people want to know they’re not alone in what they’re thinking and feeling.  (Did I mention that she really does “get me”?)  That has essentially been the theme of most of what I write.  If I can drop a bit of laughter in someone’s lap by sharing a funny moment or give a bit of hope by exposing a vulnerability that maybe someone can relate to, then I’m all in.


What IS the point?

So, we’re back to my original question – what’s the point?  Well, I have come a long way, baby, in the way of diving in head first.  As my ever-so-hilarious friend says, “Look at you, unpuckering and whatnot!”

I have experienced a tremendous amount of personal growth in the last year, and it’s because I’m exposing my vulnerability and learning to face my fears.  One of my greatest fears is standing out in a crowd.  I sure haven’t conquered it, but I’m no longer allowing it to hold me back.  (Although, maybe I should reconsider that word, “tremendous.”  I’m not certain my growth should really be described as tremendous, necessarily, but considering where I started, I’m feeling pretty good about where I am #inthismoment.)


One of the most common phrases I’ve heard while working on building a new business foundation is the much over-used “accidental” paycheck comment.  Yeah, I’ve seen firsthand and experienced what they’re talking about.  But what is NOT talked about, and really should be, is far more important – it’s the “accidental” personal growth.  Looking back at what I’ve learned, if I could only keep one thing, it would be that oops-what-happened-here change I’ve undergone mentally and emotionally.


Most of what I write about now I would not have dreamed sharing a few years ago.  As I’ve said before, I was about as private of a person you would ever find (about as far from “unpuckered” as a person could get…).  I have actually learned to loosen up and be more open as a person because of the people I’ve met as I’ve begun to collaborate online.  I have learned more about myself than I really cared to know some days because of this entire experience.  I’ve learned that I am not the only one who fears exposing vulnerability.


Accidental personal growth

A lot of my personal growth resulted from working with women who are not my usual “peeps.”  I’m accustomed to being with a bit of a coarser, more blunt crowd, and due to the nature of my court reporting career, I’m also accustomed to the seedier side of life jading me just.a.tiny.bit.  These ladies have opened my eyes to vegan and gluten-free diets, the dangers of coffee (horrifying, that, but I’m sure I’ll get past it!), cloth diapering, missionary work, and so much more.  They are about as flip-side me as you can get, and they’re awesome, amazing hashtag-boss-people.


It’s unlikely that my lifestyle will ever meet up with theirs, although there are some parallels, obviously, but I have found comfort in my own skin just through my association with them.  No, I’m not going vegan, although I did have one vegan meal with them (not awful), and I’m not on a gluten-free diet, although I know who to call if I find myself in the position where it becomes a necessity.  No, I’ll never quit drinking coffee – duh.  I haven’t gone off the deep end, yet.  Despite our lifestyle differences, they have helped me find a peace I’ve never had before.


Why do we fear being vulnerable?

That brings me to back to my earlier conversation over coffee when I asked, “What’s the point?”  Well, the point is, there is so much out there to experience, yet we allow ourselves to be held back out of fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of what society will think.  Fear of failure.  Fear of exposing our vulnerability for the world to see.  Had I allowed fear to hold me back that very first time I shared my new business with a friend, I would not have met any of the people that have since cascaded into my life.

That oops-what-happened-here change made me a better person.  Do yourself a favour and punch fear in the face today.  It doesn’t have to be your biggest fear – just pick something and own it … and #beaboss.


Guest post written by Tina Bosse

About the author

I’m a businesswoman always on the lookout for another challenge! I began writing a weekly column in the community newspaper I owned, and after selling the newspaper last year, I found I actually missed my little Coffee Break column. I started writing again recently as a hobby, and here we are!

I’ve managed my solo court reporting business for over 20 years, preside over our town council, write as a hobby, and educate people on essential oils usage and business building – all of which has put me on a path to find the ever-elusive work-life balance while also staying challenged.

As a mother of two, wife for 32 years, and businesswoman of 25 years, a piece of me is in everything I write.

Follow me on social media:


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Tina’s Coffee Break

Find me online at TinaBosse.com

Difference between a Business Strategist and a Business Coach

You may be wondering what the difference between a Business Strategist and a Business Coach is. They both should help with the direction of your business, they both should achieve progress, they are both services you should use if you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and lost in your business! Both services are specifically for people in business.

Using a business coach or a business strategist should save you money and time for your business. They will get you where you need to be in a much faster time. Before you know it, your business will be elevated to the next level, with your dream business in sight!

However, using the wrong one may still leave you feeling lost, so you may well be wondering what the difference is!


Business Strategist and a Business Coach

So go on, what is the difference between a Business Strategist and a Business Coach?

There will always be a degree of crossover between the roles. In fact, there are coaches who are actually strategists and vice versa, simply because they’ve labelled themselves as a Business Strategist when they’re actually a Business Coach.


Which is kinda scary as they should know exactly what they do right!!


The most simple way to look at it is as follows;

A Business Strategist will offer structure, guidance, strategies and tips for your BUSINESS.

A Business Coach will offer structure, guidance, strategies and tips for YOU!


Business Strategist and a Business CoachLet’s look at this in more detail;


What exactly does a Business Strategist do?

During a Business Strategy Consultation, your business will be analysed, and your specific problems addressed. You can examine marketing, sales, getting more customers and followers, product and service development, time management, staffing, legal issues and much more. After working with a Business Strategist you should feel like you have a plan of action for your business to hit your goals. You should feel educated to proceed forward with your business and take it to the next level.


What exactly does a Business Coach do?

A coach will assess you! They should bring out the best in you so that you may serve your business better. They will look at your motivations through to your passions and purposes, and translate this into your business and brand.

They may also look at issues like mindset, motivation, confidence, limitations… that kind of thing!


So which would suit you and your business best?

Maybe you need both a Business Strategist and a Business Coach! I can’t tell you that. If you only want to hire one, I’d say the best thing to think about is where the bulk of the problems lie. If you want your business to succeed, you want to put goals in place, you’re happy to work for new customers, consider a strategist who will help drive the business forward.

If you feel that you are holding your business back, as you are feeling unmotivated, or distracted then consider a coach.


If you would like to discuss any strategy needs for your business, why not have a chat with us! We are experts in helping small businesses get the results they want! Have a free 30 minutes business advice on us!

Self-Care and the Life of a Mumpreneur

Hello Mamas, how are ya? Are you running around, making sure the kiddos are sorted, the laundry is done, the dinner cooked? Oh, and don’t forget about sorting your partner’s lunch and dry cleaning, all while building your business and having life generally under control? Yikes, I am tired just writing that.

What about YOU? Have you asked yourself how YOU are doing lately? You are important. This is where self-care comes in. You know, making sure your glass is full. If you aren’t feeling like YOUR best self, how can you perform your best in your business?


self care

You’re not alone!

You are not alone if you are scratching your head thinking, ‘What self-care? When am I supposed to fit THAT in?!’ Well, let me tell you how.

Sometimes self-care can get muddled up with long, lush baths, facials, massages, etc. Sometimes it can be a super sweaty session at the gym or a long run. That is SO not my definition of self-care, but it could be yours and that is the beauty of self-care.

Some people’s self-care is just having quiet time while their little ones are still asleep, reading or meditating. Or perhaps your self-care is sitting in a cafe with a good coffee or eating a good, nourishing meal. The point is, self-care is whatever gets YOU back in that alignment and fills your cup up.


So how do I do this self-care thing?

So how do you figure out what the heck fills your cup up? Well, it is pretty simple-what lights you up? What makes you feel good, like really good? The best version of yourself? No rules, everything goes here. Some examples are:

  • Having a bubble bath with essential oils and Epsom salts
  • Get a back massage
  • Go to a sweaty OR relaxing yoga class
  • Dance around your kitchen-Impromptu dance party with your kids
  • Make a super lush meal and eat it with reverence

Now, how the heck do I fit it in? If it works for you, invite a friend to do it with you. Perhaps you want to start a new morning routine and waking up early works-do that! Schedule it. As a Mumpreneur, we tend to be ALL about the schedule. So do that-schedule your self-care in. That gets it done, right? Finally, skip lunch. I know, I know, sounds counterproductive. However, if you work or freelance in an office, see if they offer fitness classes during your lunch break. You get up, you get to move. If they don’t or you don’t work in that environment, go for a walk. Getting out in nature can really help fill your cup up if that’s your bag.




The point of this article is that YOU matter. You can’t be your best self if you are tired, cranky, annoyed, anxious. You can’t be the best mumpreneur, mum, partner, friend if you are all of those things. How can you expect to grow your business in that situation?

Let me know how you have decided to take care of yourself with your self-care!


Guest post was written by Sarah

I am a Mama and a Mrs, a yogi and an essential oils junkie, as well as a Holistic Wellness Coach. I have been leading Mamas on their unique wellness journeys for the past 5 years, starting with yoga, moving on to essential oils, and now incorporating it all in Holistic Wellness Coaching. My motto is to have fun and to laugh our way through the education-if you aren’t having fun, then we aren’t doing it right!

Find me at Sarah Byrne Yoga

How to deal with overthinking in 5 easy steps

As I hovered over the publish button, my overthinking mind got into gear.  

“What would people think of me?”

“Who the hell am I to post something on YouTube?”

“What if my school friends see it and laugh at my expense?”

If only I’d have acted in courage immediately and hit submit straight off, my overthinking brain wouldn’t have been fed.

But that’s how I roll.  It only takes 5 seconds of hesitation and I start to doubt my initial enthusiasm and my overthinking mind goes into overdrive.  Hello self-sabotage.  

However, I did hit publish and the world didn’t stop turning. I didn’t hear any distant giggles of ridicule either.  Instead, I felt empowered. But I had wasted precious energy on overthinking the what if’s again. It’s not my best healthy habit.

And it’s not just for my online business, it’s life in general.  Have you ever overthought and overanalysed a simple text message?

The text after a first date.  Sent with love and then when an immediate reply doesn’t transpire, we analyse our “Hi”…should’ve put “Hey” He’s only put x1 kiss at the end of his text and last time it was x4.  This is the beginning of the end of our blossoming relationship. And on and on our minds’ go…

The amount of times my overthinking brain has conjured up the most intricate stories and STOP!

STOP overthinking and overanalysing.  It’s done, it’s dusted, move on.

How then can we deal with the overthinking habit?


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1. Chunk it down

Confucius says “The man who moves mountains begins with carrying small stones.”

So strive for regular baby steps as opposed to huge daily goals and you’ll find your overthinking muscle gets weaker.

2. Get cool with failing forward

Often we stop ourselves because of the risk of failure. Yet making mistakes are our greatest lessons, so if we prevent this experience we prolong our path to success.

3. Bust out overthinking

When you start to play out all the negative scenarios of what could happen, acknowledge this, be kind to yourself, pack away your crystal ball and switch your thoughts to action and just make it happen. 

4. Congratulate yourself for inspired action

Hi-5 yourself for actually DOING something. Making a decision. Moving yourself forward towards your goal.  As soon as you feel yourself going over and over your decision, switch off and look at the positive.

Now, without overthinking this, what is the one thing in your business that you want to achieve one year from now?  We’d love to hear your work goals! Let us know in the comments below or contact us here.  

And remember small steps towards your goal, quit overthinking, make a decision and just go for it! You’ve got this. 

Guest post was written by Dawn Barnes.

I’m getting my shine back after having children, helping other mothers on my way. I’m on a big mission to help and inspire ambitious women to feel fabulous again and get more out of their life.

Find me at dawn-barnes.com





Productivity – Want extra hours in the day?! Discover how top Female Entrepreneurs do it!

Productivity – that endless quest to get more done!!


“You whaaaat?”

“I set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than the kids wake up.”

“Are you crazy? I mean… WHO really does that?”

“I do.”

I understand that a sleep-deprived, exhausted Mum loves her sleep. Who doesn’t? But I can hand on heart say when I rise before the house wakes up – my day just goes better.

And that 30 minutes of calm in the morning is like gold dust. My heaven time. My time. I love it.

I’m not saying it’s easy to get up before the house stirs but it 1 million per cent gets me and my day started in the right way. 

It’s my secret on how I get my stuff done and how I can remain sane for…well, at least the first hour of the day!

Whether it’s to tick off a couple of important daily tasks, reconnect with myself or simply enjoy a hot cuppa tea in peace, it’s absolutely worth getting up when the alarm goes. 

So, how can breaking the snooze habit of a lifetime really help you?

1. Wake up when YOU decide

Up until now, is it when the kids come bounding into your bedroom that breaks you from your deep sleep?  You get an arm in your face and the volume is turned to LOUD and before you know it, your groundhog day has started again.  

Imagine a time when you were the captain of your dream ship and you actually got up in your time, in your own way and you had time to breathe.

…and back in the room.

Set your alarm 30 minutes before they typically wake up. Don’t hit snooze.


how female entrepreneurs increase productivity

2. Get time to yourself

Any mother will vouch that a little time to herself is her sanctuary. Chance would be a fine thing!

Well, make that chance.  Get up earlier! You know what you can accomplish in 10 minutes without the little ones.  Imagine what you could achieve in half an hour ALL BY YOURSELF!

It might be some peaceful moments of calm and stillness that is most needed or focus time to really check-in on your business plan.  Whatever serves you best, getting this done and dusted first thing before the day runs away with you, is good planning in my book.

3. Get on top of the important things for increased productivity

Chances are if you’re running the house, running a business or running a full-on job, no doubt, your schedule will be packed and your priority list hefty.

Although we incessantly pray for more hours in the day, with all the will in the world that just ain’t gonna happen.  We need to carve out more time and it’s there if you truly look.  You may prefer to stay up late to get your shiz done but there’s something to be said about waking up when the day breaks and ticking off a few vitals before the chaos begins. 

4.  Gain back control for more productivity in your day

Arguably, how you wake up is as important as when you wake up.

By getting up earlier you are in control of how your day begins and as the late Louise Hay says:

“how you start your day, is how you live your day, and how you live your day is how you live your life.”

Although it may seem madness to deprive yourself of an extra 20 mins in bed once you get into the habit of getting up earlier your sleep cycle will thank you for it. You’ll find productivity just comes naturally when you do this!


how female entrepreneurs increase productivity

5. Reduce the Mum guilt

Do you promise that tomorrow you’ll give yourself more time to get ready, that you will be more productive?

Many a time, I’d underestimate how long it takes for me and the little ones to simply get out the door on time.  I swore someone robbed me of those last 10 minutes!  Stress levels rising, I’d end up screaming and shouting at the kids to hurry up!!! Seconds later, I’d feel the Mum guilt as I hadn’t wanted to lose my cool. Again. 

This wasn’t the best start to our day.  

If only I could get up earlier and prep the morning better, I could be one of those, you know, organised ON Time mothers.  I like that!

Do it. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and just GET UP!

6. Improve your wellbeing 

Whatever the studies show that morning people lead happier more productive lives, what I know for sure is, the days I get up earlier I feel happier, more positive and calmer.  

If your fitness excuses ramp up, use this early time to get your daily workout done and not only will you feel smug as you like but you’ll be well on your way to feeling better thanks to exercise-induced endorphins.

You may not always feel like jumping out of bed with a happy smile on your face at early o’clock but it’s absolutely worth a go to see how getting up earlier shakes up your day.

We’d love to hear what your morning routine looks like.  How do you try to keep up productivity? Drop a comment below or contact us here and let us know!


productivity with she hustles inc


Guest post was written by Dawn Barnes.

I’m getting my shine back after having children, helping other mothers on my way. I’m on a big mission to help and inspire ambitious women to feel fabulous again and get more out of their life.

Find me at dawn-barnes.com

Positivity in a Natural Blogging Disaster

On some days blogging is a dream filled with positivity.

Life is glorious – you win an award, get a house-sized million dollar check, a thousand retweets, a Nobel Peace Prize, and become World Dominator of Blog-nation.

On other days, the world comes crashing down. The house is on fire, the dogs are throwing up in the kitchen, the Internet isn’t working, Yoast is broken, and your entire blog closely resembles Gotham City. Except with no handsome husky-voiced Batman to save it. All that comes to mind is chucking the computer out the window and joining “The Quitters Family”.

No matter what, it seems impossible to stay positive and you’re on a full-speed, Nascar-level overworked blogger train non-stop to “I’m gonna delete my blog”-ville.

I’ve heard pretty bad things about that place so here are a few tips to get you off the Highway to Hell and back on the Stairway to Blogging Heaven.


positivity in blogging

1. Just let it out.

Let’s be real. Sometimes, we all need a good ol’ cry-fest. There’s nothing like a cathartic session of crying à la red face and wheezing at the computer. So sit on your chair, bed,  the roof, an elephant, the Kennedy Space Center, the moon – wherever your little heart desires and just cry. Go ahead and unzip those tear pockets and let it all out.

Trust me, it works.

My co-blogger and I work out of a PC room in Korea and we’ve bawled our eyes out with 30,000 boys around us playing PubG. I’m talking loud crying that leaves you gasping and wheezing so loud it wakes up the Sleeping Buddha. Tears that flood like Hurricane Katrina and short circuit the building with a horde of enraged teens after me.

I hate public crying as much as the next person and would rather face a locust plague and The Purge but bottling it up is much, much worse.

It sets you up for failure when everything from that point on is done with a negative mindset and a heart full of frustration and confusion.

Remember people, bottles are for juices and other beverages. Not tears.

If crying isn’t your cup of relaxing chamomile tea, do whatever it takes to get those emotions out.

  • Punch a brick wall? Sure. Hospital trip guaranteed.
  • Bash your head into the computer? Go for it.
  • Take a baseball bat to a car windshield? Yeah, I guess if a jail cell brings you relief…
  • Get some fresh air, grab a snack, and do some quilting.

Basically, it’s important to remember that as bloggers, we’re creatives. Positivity equals productivity and doing anything in a negative manner ends up with a catastrophe worse than a Level 9 earthquake.

2. Dig dig dig with a shovel or a pick.

Is it MailChimp? Google Analytics? Writer’s block? Your dog’s incessant barking?  A zombie outbreak?

Dig deep down with a bulldozer to figure out what’s causing the frustration and anger and take a step back. That in itself will help stop that Burnt-out Blogging Rocket. If you focus ten hours on one tiny little “Vienna sausage sized” problem, it becomes difficult to look at the delicious “Costco-style Polish dog” big picture.

Identify the problem, address it, and come back later to solve it. Take a step back and reset the positivity switch. Do another less mind-numbing blogging task like catching up on emails or joining a Twitter hashtag thread. Anything to get you away from the gas can and back on the money-making train.

3. Daydream your way to Success & Positivity

So many people think building an empire is this easy-breezy-Cover Girl journey. In reality, it’s time-consuming, exhausting, and most of us are working other jobs until the business turns into a money bagger. It isn’t a first-class Caribbean cruise with Michelin-star food and live Ed Sheeran every day. It’s more like building a raft with twigs and twine with a small branch for an oar for a trip from the Panama Canal to Greenland.

Remind yourself why you started the business. The independence, being the boss, or the control over every single aspect of it. Visualize your success and think it into existence. Whether it’s being in Forbes 30 under 30 or standing next to Marie Curie reincarnated. Casting out a line of positivity energy out will only reel it back in.


how to have positivity in blogging with she hustles inc

4. Don’t overwork yourself.

It doesn’t end well when you’re burnt out and left feeling like a wilted head of lettuce.

When I first started blogging a few months ago, the first thing I did every morning was:

  • Check Facebook
  • Join a Twitter thread
  • Check my email
  • Check Pinterest
  • Reply to emails
  • Respond to blog comments
  • Start a new blog post
  • Add another guest post to my list of “Guest Posts To Write”
  • Check stats, views, and 404 errors
  • Try to fix said 404 errors

Basically, have an all-nighter work session before even wiping out those eye-crusties.

Don’t do that. Don’t be that chump. All this does is leave you in a mood that rivals Regina George. Take at least half an hour in the morning as “me-time”. Drink some coffee, listen to music, pet some silky dogs, go for a run, or climb Mount Everest.

If you wake up in the morning to face a work avalanche, everything from then on will be done with a negative mindset and a heavy heart. Instead, start the day off right by taking time to yourself so that every challenge and setback can be faced with a positive attitude.

5. Give yourself a “Best Participant” trophy

While having a hustle mindset is great, it’s equally as important to take some time to reflect on how far you’ve come, think about any tiny victories, and pat yourself on the back. Things as small as having one more view than last month to things as huge as landing a guest post on your favourite blogger’s site, She Hustles Inc of course. Go down the street to your local Sports Authority and buy the biggest, 7-tiered cheerleader trophy available, make them engrave a personalized message for you, place it in a glass box and put it on your mantle. Be proud of yourself!

Starting a business is a huge endeavour that most people wouldn’t even attempt. Have a drink, make yourself some fancy smoked salmon canapes, stare at your trophy’s and reflect. Get that positivity running back through your veins so you can get back to work stronger than ever.

6. Take a day hiatus.

Sometimes being positive is really hard and nothing works. The only thing that comes to mind is how starting this business is the worst decision since the Big Bang happened and the blog-universe was created. No matter how much you b**ch or cry or stare into the clouds or take some me time, everything leaves a sour taste.

At that point, take a step back from the giant red “delete” button and take a damn break. So many people think of taking a break as being synonymous with weakness. Blasphemy! Taking time to take care of yourself, your kids, your dogs or polishing your snow-globe collection is just as important as making those money moves. Refreshing the mind for new ideas, clear thoughts, and progress will get you farther and in the end, you’re only human. Not Moses parting the Red Sea.


80% of businesses and 99% of blogs fail within the first year for a lot of different reasons. People get bored, lose motivation, realize it’s more of an investment both financially and let’s be honest, emotionally. Negative thoughts begin to seep in and eventually take over so much that it seems you’ve actually grown horns and your drivers license says Lucifer McSatan age 1,007. Shut that entire scenario down real quick.

  • Have a cry
  • Find the root of the problem,
  • Remind yourself of the opportunities that having your own business is going to lead to
  • Take some “me time” every day
  • Celebrate the successes no matter how small
  • Take an entire day off

At the end of the day, remind yourself what you’ve built – whether it’s two months in or ten years in. Bring the positivity back and make the best business the world has ever seen. Besides Crocs. Crocs will always be number one.


What are you doing to build an empire? Have you found the perfect spot for a cry-fest yet? Leave a comment or email at alieneatingblog@gmail.com. 


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Get more done! 5 simple tips to improve your work productivity!

Guest post by Masooma Memon

Despite starting the day in good spirits, we often end up plummeting down a hole of lessening productivity as the day progresses. A survey reveals that around 75% of the employers report that two plus hours of efficient work are lost daily. Procrastination tends to work hard to tip the balance in its favour, making it difficult to complete work.

The signboard that reads productivity tends to lead to two roads. One includes dedicating more hours to your work schedule and the second entails efficient working. Since all that work and no play make Jack a dull boy, it’s safer to stick to the second option. We believe at She Hustles Inc that you have to attain a balance between work and personal life. Therefore, making the most of your precious work hours with a boost in productiveness is a good option.

Here is an in-depth look at some simple yet useful tips and tricks to enhance your productivity:



1. Set realistic goals

Crafting goals is an essential step to ante up your productivity game. The chief aspect concerning making and pursuing goals, however, pertains to setting realistic goals. Drafting unrealistic goals puts excess pressure on you. In a frenzy to achieve more, you tend to achieve less in the light of exceptionally high expectations from yourself. Moreover, unrealistic goals negatively impact your mental health. Therefore, start with spelling out achievable aims.

2. Give yourself deadlines

There is no denying that stress is a culprit that you don’t want in your progress picture. But setting up self-imposed deadlines and chasing them can help you focus more. In the other way around case, we tend to become lazy by assuming that there’s lots of time at our disposal. This wastes a lot of time. You will be pleased to see how productive you can be by competing with the ticking arms of the clock.

3. Track your time for increased productivity

Keep track of your time as a means to accomplishing deadlines and goals. Most of us think that we have an accurate idea of the time being spent on a particular task. However, research indicates that only 17% of people can keep a precise estimate of time. Therefore, you can try to keep a better eye on the clock, set alarms for yourself if you work solo or seek assistance from tools such as Rescue Time.

4. Take regular breaks

Productivity does not equate to consistent, round the clock work. It translates into more work done in a short period. Constant work tends to drain your energy, which sips your productivity levels. Regular breaks are antidotes that refresh your energy levels as well as prevent your productiveness from derailing. A study backs this too. It confirms that the key to maintaining performance throughout long tasks is to punctuate them with short breaks. It highlights that the flip side declines performance and focus.

5. Plan each day beforehand

Planning each day the night before is a game changer. Take out 15 minutes before heading to bed and jot down your work plans for the next day. It is critical to write down your plans and ideas. Such a tip can also be taken from Richard Branson’s book. The founder of the Virgin Group says, “Write down every single idea you have. No idea is too small, and no idea is too big.” He further adds, “Make a list of small, manageable tasks to complete every day. Cut your day up into chunks, and you’ll get lots more done.”

Wrap up thoughts

Summing up, these tips can help you stay on a productive track and accomplish more. Making goals, pre-planning your day, tracking your time, and setting deadlines can assist you to reach your optimal potential. Include regular breaks into this equation, and you’ll have complete tasks under your belt in no time.

Let us know in the comments if you have any great tips for productivity! You can contact us here!


You can view Masooma’s portfolio here.

These are 7 signs ‘just managing’ isn’t working anymore

There was no oxygen in my lungs and if my face could prune, the endless sobbing would have taken care of it. Hours dragged but eventually passed, physically there were no apparent signs other than an empty stare and a trail of tears; internally the void was overwhelming, entirely consuming. After there was nothing left, there lingered a question, “How did this get so bad?”.

No answer.


signs work is too much


Let’s take it back to a year before I had to leave an amazing job that was tearing me apart. New promotion, great GPA, great boyfriend, friends, family, and health, or so I thought. All they were, were great things to keep busy and distracted from what was forming within myself. Then, there were more roles, more “me’s” that had to be created for others. I was not breathing and living but was solely functioning to succeed in the many roles I had put myself in. As time went by, daily tasks became robotic, there was no breathing for myself and only myself. Now, that I live and breathe, the signs that were there the entire time stick out like sore thumbs.

Living without fresh air, trapped on a treadmill is not living, these signs may make you realize ‘Just Managing’ is not working anymore and things need to change in order to live and love living, before it’s too late:


001: Daily actions have become robotic

Once life becomes just one motion, it is time to pack up and go on to the next chapter of your life before you drown in those repetitive motions and lose yourself.

002: Healthy boundaries are not consistently being created & enforced

As human beings, we have the right to establish healthy boundaries and to heavily enforce them. Without healthy boundaries, those around you will undoubtedly make sure the role that they have created for you, is well played. Those are boundaries that need to be established for your own well-being. Saying no or saying yes creates and establishes those boundaries; enforcing them is making those boundaries habits and knowing who you are, without budging.

003: Extreme eating & sleeping habits, or lack thereof

It’s easy when we’re young to dismiss crazy eating and sleeping habits, but when there’s so much on someone’s shoulders, it is necessary to eat and sleep well. Not under-eating or over eating or over sleeping or going weeks without at least 6 hours of sleep. Chemicals in your body begin to unbalance, then the body thinks it’s in survival mode. Or maybe the complete opposite, too much food, too much sleep.

signs work is too much


004: Abnormal decision making

This ties in with having extreme eating and sleeping habits. Decision making extremely suffers when there is no consistent eating or sleeping habits. Brain and body have to be taken care of and in balance along with its functions and chemicals. Watch behaviours carefully. Is there something truly out of the ordinary?

005: Extreme reactions or lack of reactions

Exactly what it says. If the point where there is no understanding of what normal reactions are or any remembrance of them, TIME TO CHANGE. TIME TO GET HELP.

006: Isolation

We are a village, not an island. Isolation takes so much life from within us. Alone time is amazing, but too much of it will only drown the person and life that could be.

007: Always sick

Unstable eating and sleeping habits cause more than just abnormal decision making, but the immune system also suffers causing potential chronic colds and the feeling of always being cold.

Keep an eye on yourself and make habitual changes, the better we take care of ourselves, the better we can take care of others.

-The Patrona


If you are considering making changes to your life by changing how you work, click here to sign up for a free membership to The Female Entrepreneur Hub for tips on how to succeed.

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