Create Your Home Office

You probably remember that moment when you walked away from your 9 to 5 job for the last time and found yourself on your commute home, wondering if you’d done the right thing.

Sure, you needed more flexibility to fit your job around your family life and to pursue your own ambitions but you couldn’t help but wonder if losing the predictability of that monthly paycheck was worth it.

But that’s what you chose to do and now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and take the new professional you back home to start your business. How you set up your home working space is a crucial part of this process and we take a look at what you need to do get it done the right way.

Get Your Tech On Spec

Probably the most crucial piece in the puzzle of setting up your home office. When you’ve got so many customers relying on you to deliver their projects on time, you need to know that your technology is going to support your efforts and not let you down.

You need to make sure that your network supports you and if you’re someone who’s home network has any blips or cuts out regularly then you need to find some IT support and upgrade your system. It’s an investment but it’s one that’s worth it. Talk to CyBerJaz Corp for advice.

Find a Space That Works For You

If you’re going to spend long hours behind your desk then make that desk as comfortable and supportive as possible. Find a chair that fits you perfectly and supports your back. Find an area in your house where you’re able to work peacefully and without interruptions. If that means creating space in a bedroom or in your shed, then make that happen, anything that helps you to spend your time and focus on doing work is a great investment.

If you find that you seek the company of others, then consider coworking. You’ll find spaces across the country where you can pay a fee and have access to a desk, wifi, printing and all the other facilities you’d expect from an office. If the hum of others working nearby helps inspire you then this is a great option. If you’re someone who needs a little bit of calm, then this environment probably isn’t for you.

Image from Pexel. CC0 licence

Wherever you work, whether a cafe, coworking hub or from the comfort of your own home, treat your space as the professional office you need it to be. You’re offering a professional service and you’ll feel inspired and ready to go to work in an environment that’s geared towards making your everyday a success. Avoid slumping on a sofa or staying in bed. You’ll quickly lose motivation, not to mention suffer from a bad back that comes from working somewhere without the right support.

Start today to get your home professional life sorted and you’ll be glad you made that decision to step away from corporate life.

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