Creating a Conducive Work Environment and Boost Your Business

Being able to provide your team with a conducive working environment is an easy win; it allows you all to be more productive, do all that you need to, and be comfortable and happy. But is it possible to create such an environment without having to spend a lot of money? Here are some of the things that you can do to make sure that the work environment that you create is the most conducive to working as possible.



In work and business, the ‘chicken coop’ theory is often talked about in many ways. There are chickens that live in cages all cooped up and squashed together. Though it is uncomfortable and in many ways unethical, they do still produce eggs. But there are also chickens that roam around, have plenty of space, and they also produce eggs. They both still get the job done, so to speak, but which are the happier ones producing better quality work? The ones that have space to roam and a little bit of freedom. So think about how much space your team have in the office, as well as considering the option of flexible working from time to time.

Increase Comfort

If we are comfortable and happy then it means we are much more likely to get on with the job that we have to do. If we aren’t comfortable then we can keep adjusting and putting off doing work, as well a generally feeling frustrated. So the comfort of your team is something that is important to think about. What are their general working areas like now? Do they have comfortable and adjustable desk chairs? How about a restful break area with comfortable chairs for their break time? If you look at a site like Civic Australia you can see the wide range of tables and chairs that you can get for offices, so it is worth seeing what you could improve upon.


We live in such a digital age and we have access to a whole heap of technology at our fingertips. But are you using technology in your workplace to really impact and benefit your team? For starters, you could look for tech that will help to make things like conference calls or meetings simpler and more effective. Are you using software that allows internal communications and messages much more easily and quicker than emails? Team collaboration tools and tech to help with HR can all be good ideas to think about as well. Are you using all that you could, at the moment?


No tool is perhaps going to be more effective at helping to boost productivity and performance much more than incentives. Bonuses or rewards for things, even small things like finishing early on a Friday can be just the incentive that a colleague needs to get their work done in a timely manner. When they are performanced-based incentives then it can be one of the best ways to do things and keep it all fair.

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