Dear Google, Please Let Me Rank Higher

Google is a hard master to please. You can spend days creating unique content and coming up with novel marketing ideas, but it doesn’t always have a significant impact. The amount of effort you put in isn’t commensurate with the value that you get out. You feel like the search giant is short-changing you. 

Google and other search engines have spent the last twenty years refining their search ranking algorithms. The idea is simple: to provide their customers with pages that offer them genuine value. The better results that they can provide, the more people will use their services. 

Pixabay – CC0 License

The problem, however, is that these algorithms have had to evolve in an environment where people try to trick them. A website developer might create a page that appeals to the criteria of the algorithm but doesn’t actually provide users with a good experience. A page stuffed with the keyword typed into the search bar might appear relevant, but the customer doesn’t get anything from the experience. They could have a similar experience by cutting and pasting their keywords in a Word document. 

Getting Google to rank your site higher is a challenge. You want to promote website visits but do so in a way that proves that you’re offering value. How do you do it? 

Tell Google You’re A Real Business

The first hurdle is legitimacy. Google wants to know whether you’re a real business or if you’re just trying to gain publicity through deceptive methods. 

Google has a service called Google My Business. The way it works is simple. You log onto your Google business account and then tell the search engine that you’ve set up a real business with a valid address. Google then sends a code via physical mail to your address which you then type into the Google My Business tool to prove you have premises. 

Once you’ve done that, Google will list your business when people search for related services in your area. Your company will appear on Google Maps, showing your location, along with things like your opening times and contact details. 

What’s great about Google My Business is that it has an immediate impact on the ranking of your domain. All of a sudden Google sees that you’re a real business and attempts to get your content in front of customers when they type in relevant searches. 

Use Influencer Marketing

While links aren’t the only determinant of a rank of a particular website, they’re one of the biggest. The more high-quality links that you have, the better your pages will rank. 

How, though, do you get quality backlinks? The first way to do it is to use a backlinking company. These agencies create legitimate content on third-party websites and then link to your pages. 

The second way to do it is to use influencer marketing. Here you approach somebody willing to showcase or review your product and get them to share it with your audience. In the process, they create links to your site. If they’re considered an “authority” site by Google, it can boost your ranking tremendously.