Do You Understand Your Marketing?

Let’s be honest here. If there’s one thing about business that we just all don’t seem to understand, it’s marketing. We know exactly what it can do for a company, and why it is so important that we invest in terms of money, and a lot of time and effort into making sure campaigns are set up and running. Even though it might demand so much brain power, do you ever understand what you’re doing it for? Do you understand how the techniques you’re using would work and are working for your business at the minute? Or are you just generally stumped, maybe leaving all of your marketing up to the marketing consultant you hire? We can almost put money on the fact that it will be the latter. But all is not lost! We’re going to list a few of the common tools a business uses, and why you should use it, and how it works!



Pay Per Click


Pay per click is actually one of the most common forms of marketing, and if you aren’t giving it a go right now, then you’re definitely missing out. Businesses all over the world are bidding right now on pay per click. It works by you having to pay for every click your business receives, but you really do get put in the limelight. To see PPC results, you bid on different keywords, and if you put enough money down on the table, your business will be one of the ads that will appear when a potential customer is searching for that keyword. You really do have to know what keywords are going to work well for your company, and you have to be prepared to invest a lot of time in it. But, for all of the time and money that you put into it, you should be able to get a decent amount of profit out of it at the end.




SEO is again, one of the most common marketing tactics that can be used. It works with keywords again, and allows your company to rank higher in search engines due to the backlink profile that you can build. You would typically go to an SEO consultant to do this, and they would advise you on how many links to have placed on different sites, and what keywords to use. You should always make sure that you’re using respectable websites to post your links. It can so easily happen that your website comes into trouble with search engines because of having too many links on spammy websites.


Social Media


Social media is the last and easiest to understand. We think it’s pretty much only about the content you post, when you post it, and how you interact with the public. If you’re always posting professional pictures of products with interesting titles, and using hashtags effectively, it could be easy enough for your business to get noticed amongst the busy world that is social media.