Does Your Business Systems Network Need An Overhaul?

Today’s modern businesses rely on their networks; systems of IT equipment which allow employees and software to communicate with each other to move the firm towards its goals. In the 21st century, systems networks play a fundamental role in website performance, internal communication, customer management, and customer service. In fact, it’s hard to think of an area of business that is not affected by it.

But over time, networks can slow down and fail. Networks don’t last forever and need to be updated to remain useful and productive. Here are some signs that your business’s systems network might need an overhaul.

Employees Aren’t Happy With It

When the goals of management and employees align, the results can be extraordinary. But, as happens so often in business, the needs of employees are sidetracked because of management’s objectives. Management might like a particular network solution because it offers value for money and it does the job. But employees might not like it because it’s unresponsive or doesn’t provide the feature set they need to carry out their job effectively.

When workers start complaining about the network, it’s usually a sign that there’s something wrong. Employee feedback can give you essential information on how to improve your systems for higher productivity. Workers who can rely on the network to do their work effectively are happier and get more done.

Your System Is Slowing Down

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When you first installed your network, it ran quickly. It was easy to share files and collaborate with others. But over time, as you added additional computers, you found that the network slowed down. Now, it runs so slowly that it’s hampering your basic operations.

If that sounds like you, then what can you do? Sites like https://caslec.com.au recommend looking at your cabling. It could be that your existing cables aren’t providing the bandwidth you need to cope with the data travelling through the network. You may also need to upgrade your servers. Although servers are powerful pieces of equipment, there’s a limit to have much information they can process in a given period of time, just like a regular PC.

Your Network Doesn’t Facilitate Business Processes

Ideally, your network allows you to perform all your business processes (or at least those which are relevant). But all too often, firms persist using systems that don’t meet their needs.

A common problem is that of unnecessary steps to perform a simple process according to https://www.startupdonut.co.uk. For instance, let’s say that you want to share information about a client with somebody else in the company. Ideally, you could do this kind of thing with a single click, but if you’re using third-party software over an ineffective network, you may have to go through a long-winded process.

Another common problem involves not having enough space on the network for all the people who need to use it. For instance, twenty people in your firm might need concurrent access to CRM software, but the system may only support fifteen computers at a time.

Does your systems network need an upgrade?