Ensure Your Staff Are Never Annoyed With Your Company

No firm is ever perfect, nor will your staff ever be 100% behind absolutely every decision you make. It might be that your best manager absolutely hates the company logo. It might be that your selling staff aren’t too fond of the clients you’re selling to. It might be that your website is a little tricky to use, and so asking your web developers to continue to revise and develop it takes up the bulk of their workload. However, these are minor inconveniences. You’re not actually doing anything wrong, and so staff will still be satisfied to work for your firm.


Those things happen. What really shouldn’t happen is for your staff to be annoyed at your firm. While you can’t please everyone, you certainly can’t afford to annoy them on a profound level, to the point where they question their employment. While they have a standard to uphold to keep their employment, you also have a responsibility to them in order to retain their services.


This is why you should always try to avoid these annoyances and inconveniences at all costs, for the sake of both your staff and your business:


Faulty Payroll


Staff having their hours incorrectly calculated and being paid under what they deserve is absolutely the last thing you should ever do. This is perhaps one of the fastest ways to many lawsuits, and a mass staff exodus. For this reason, you need to ensure your payroll is on top form from the very first days of your business opening. A solid time and attendance system should be implemented, especially in large teams, to ensure no clerical errors take place. While some firms still use pen-and-paper hours counting methods, it’s always best to find a software system to implement with backups, as often computer calculation cannot lie to you.


Unethical Practices


If your business conducts unethical practices, you can be sure that your staff will feel very demotivated and devoid of a real motivation to work hard in your firm. Consider what happened at Volkswagen in the last 10 years. When found to be using cheat devices to lie about their emissions standards with clean diesel, they continued to lie about the results and simply made the software even more refined each and every time an environmental agency or thinktank questioned them about this.


Before long they were fully found out, and things did not go well. They were fined millions, many executives resigned, but the end cost was of course passed on to the staff, who dealt with mass layoffs and a feeling that the work they had contributed to made the world they live in worse through heavy pollution. Ensure your business never engages in pursuits like this, no matter how seemingly innocuous or money-saving. Someone might suggest this is a naive strategy in a competitive environment. Still, imagine how much money VW made, and how much they were fined. It balances out, and losing the respect of your staff is never worth it.


With these simple tips, ensuring your staff are never annoyed with your firm should work wonders in your favor.