Environments That Inspire Business

How often do you really consider your office environment? Take a look around right now and consider if it’s helping or hindering your working day. If your office provides you with a calm, relaxing, inspirational place to get the day’s chores done, then you’re in luck. If, however, it’s fraying at the edges and has begun to suck the life out of your creativity and work ethic you might be in need of a re-fit.

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Image courtesy of Pexels

Whatever you do, don’t underplay the importance of your working environment in your daily life. Business experts know that a space that’s not fit for purpose will slow down output and lead to staff becoming unmotivated and unhappy fairly quickly.

So what might you need to consider? The most important aspect is probably that of your lighting. Fluorescent, strip lighting as a main light source is unsuitable on many levels. Poor lighting can lead to problems concentrating and cause glare from screens that negatively impacts on eyesight. This will lead to other symptoms such as headaches.

Natural lighting is by far the better option so maximise natural sources to the fullest and save energy by switching off.

When it comes to office furniture, there’s a lot to consider. Every member of your team will have different needs when it comes to desk height, chair support and so on. One of the first things you should do is carry out an individual needs survey to see what each team member requires and go from there. Think outside the box, it may be that one or two of your colleagues will prefer a standing desk. While it may look a little cumbersome, in reality these standing options allow for greater movement and flexibility for the user that in turns leads to less health problems associated with sitting down all day.

Don’t try and adapt existing old office furniture, throw it out or arrange for it to go into storage, somewhere like squab.co.uk for example, until you can sell it on.

Finally consider your office culture itself. Harder to pinpoint, but equally as important as furniture and lighting. Do you work in a mutually supportive, work-inspiring environment or is there an underlying toxicity at play?

If you’re the leader of your team then now is the time to step up and resolve any issues that might be causing poor productivity within the team. Don’t be afraid to challenge problems head on and suggest ways of dealing with poor behaviour or performance.

Don’t let awful lighting, uncomfortable chairs and desks or a toxic environment bring your workplace productivity to its knees. Start with the basics and work your way around your office space identifying anything that could be upgraded for a better daily working experience. Whether physical or intangible, don’t let it slide any longer. Now’s the time to bring your work place up to an acceptable level and see a happier, more productive workforce ready to help your business soar to new heights.