Everything You Need To Work From Home Efficiently

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Over recent months the majority of the workforce has had to shift to ‘working from home’, and it looks like this shift could be something that stays longer than the Coronavirus pandemic will. Many people will not only have enjoyed working from home but also found that they are more productive. Working from home can help people to achieve a better work-life balance, save money on the commute and then there is the added benefit of the convenience for childcare and managing the home. So, as the world slowly gets back to a “new normal”, working from home could become a part of that, even if it’s just for a few days a week. As many people were forced into working from home with almost no notice, if it’s going to become a more permanent way of life, then you need to make sure your home is set up for this. So, what do you need?

An Office Space

You might have “made do” with the kitchen table up until now, but if you’re going to be working from home more regularly, then you might want to create a more permanent space. It doesn’t have to be a whole room, but is there a corner or an area under the stairs you can use? You’ll need a desk for your laptop and papers, but the other thing you’ll need is some peace and quiet. Also, check there are enough electric outlets for everything you need. 


You will, of course, need to make sure you have your cybersecurity sorted. This is something you could ask your company’s IT department to sort out for you as it is in their best interest. As well as cybersecurity, though, you need to make sure your home is entirely secure. If you handle confidential documents, then you’ll need a safe place to keep them. It might even be worth looking at video door entry systems for your home too, which will not only reduce your distractions but also keep your information extra secure. 


Make sure that all the software you usually use when you’re at work has been installed on your laptop so that you can carry on doing your job as smoothly as possible. Then it is also a good idea to install a good communication software for you and your team. As you can’t just turn around from your desk to discuss something work-related, it needs to be just as easy to ask a question and get in contact with people. A platform like Slack is great for keeping the conversation and going and getting everyone connected. 


This is the one thing people struggle with the most when working from home, but once you get into the swing of it, it becomes the norm. It’s essential to keep a routine and to separate your work from your home life and home admin. To get motivated, you need to make sure you get up and get dressed just as you would for going into work, sitting all day in your pyjamas will likely mean you’re less productive. Get up, exercise, shower, eat breakfast and get dressed (in whatever order suits you) and then get to work. 

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