Getting Found in Google

Getting found in Google isn’t usually the issue.  Almost all websites that are indexed correctly are found in Google, the challenge, is getting on the front page – as the majority of users simply don’t browse past the first page, meaning, if you are wanting to show up for a particular search term you need to be on the first page.


This is especially relevant when it comes to your brand name.  If you have a brand that is a highly competitive word, for instance, let’s say your company name was “Cheap Hotels Thailand” then there’s a strong chance that you wouldn’t show up on the first page of Google, because other websites with much stronger domain authority would rank higher for this particular phrase.


When it comes to search engine optimisation, it can be a minefield of conflicting information with a lot of guesswork offered by the authors – meaning, it’s hard to find reliable information that you can trust to be accurate; not out of bad faith or negligence, but due to the fact this is such a fast-paced and highly evolving subject that what is written today could be irrelevant within a week’s time.


For this reason, it can be good to use specialist SEO services that are experts in this area, and keep abreast to all new developments and best practices; in fact, whilst this can be a significant financial investment – when compared to the amount of time it will save you, and the element of certainty in terms of following the right strategy, it can save you a lot of time and therefore money in the long term.


Plus, when you consider the amount of money some companies invest in keyword campaigns, using a specialist firm can help ensure you don’t waste thousands if not tens of thousands in advertising spend – ensuring you get a more attractive return on investment.


Given the fact SEO is a constantly changing area, this article looks at three fundamental tips that are unlikely to change as the principles have lasted the test of time.



We are often looking for the best keywords to use within our content marketing strategy, yet, the best strategy you can stick to is creating value for your customers – by providing authentically helpful and reliable information.  When you publish decent content, users engage with it more – often sharing it to their friends, and even linking to it on other websites, meaning you become seen as a source of authority by Google.



The speed at which your site loads has a pretty significant impact when it comes to engaging users, as the majority of people will not wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load – yet, it can also have an effect on how Google ranks your content.



Repetition can be useful when it comes to human learning, but when it comes to machines scanning your content – if the same phrases are duplicated multiple times in one document, it can spot what you’re up to, and you will often lose credibility with such robots.  Furthermore, don’t use content that is posted elsewhere (even on your same site) as this duplication of content is punished when it comes to SEO.