Getting Ready For Your Product Launch

The days and weeks leading up to your big product launch can be quite exhausting. You’d want it to take off as it should, of course, and with all the hard work and preparations, it would be a shame to see it become less of a success than you’d anticipated – not to mention a waste of money.


Sure, many businesses are able to bounce back and learn from their mistakes, but when you know that you’re about to launch a good product, you would much rather see it succeed rather than fail.


Here is a handful of ways to make your product launch a positive experience for your business so that you’re able to drive it forward without any setbacks.


#1 Spread the word


While you probably know very well that a successful product launch depends on a proper marketing strategy, it’s not always that easy to understand exactly how to do this. The truth is that there are many ways – and you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in just one basket.


Try to spread the word through multiple channels, and focus a bit on face-to-face contact as well as the work done by the marketing agency you’ve hired. It might be a bit harder to do but it could also mean even more success for your business if you manage to get through to some people.


Consider hosting a product launch event or just visit some networking event to chat casually about your new product. Don’t push it on people, though, and try to listen as much as you’re talking so that you come off as a likeable person as well.


#2 Launch a prototype


One of the most important things you can do, and which you should do some time before the actual launch, is to treat your market to a prototype. Make sure that they know that this isn’t the final version and that you’re looking for honest feedback; if you offer them something in return for their feedback, they’ll probably like your business a bit more as well.


After gathering all of this data, you simply tweak your product according to their preferences and send them the new and improved version. It’s important to let them know how much their feedback is valued, though, and to continue to offer them incentives for staying by your side.


When your final product is about to launch, you’re going to need their loyal support more than ever.


#3 Use social media


Finally, you should consider using social media to boost your online presence a bit more during the time leading up to the launch. Craft together some handy videos to show your network how they can use your product, give them some helpful guidance in blog articles, and continue to be present online for them in case they have questions.


That way, you can feel confident that you’ve approached them through all channels – and that you’ve done everything in your power to show your product from its best side.


  • Trish says:

    Good advice! Those last few weeks before Launch are probably the most nerve-racking regardless of how much we think we are ready to go! A consistent and productive system in place releases some of the stress. Thanks!

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