Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing

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As a business owner, whatever scale or stage, the buzz around digital marketing has unlikely escaped you. For any modern business, it has become an essential practice. Digital marketing methods, trends, and techniques are changeable over time, so whether you aren’t so clued up or know a fair bit already;  it’s worth keeping yourself up to date. Here come a few pointers to consider in the aid of continued growth.

Mobile-friendly websites

If you don’t already have a website for your business, then this is something that you can do quite easily yourself using sites like WordPress, Wix and the like. These options are either free or inexpensive, depending on the package. Sites like this make the navigation of building your website pretty straightforward, but if you want some more professional help, you may want to consider calling in a web designer to do this for you. The fact is that is that even if your business has survived for years without the utilization of a website, you may find yourself at a standstill if you fail to take advantage of the wider-reach of consumers that you can access online.

This brings us to the ‘mobile friendly’ part; it’s become of increased importance to optimize your website for mobile phones. This is because, in general, people more often use their phones to make searches compared to other their devices. So if your website isn’t user-friendly and easy to navigate while looking great on the screen, then you could risk losing potential customers. A website that doesn’t not look professional enough can tarnish the image of the company. (So to stop your audience from clicking away- make sure your website is mobile savvy!)

Creative content

With digital marketing your content is everything, it’s no use getting lots of people to your website or social pages to have them find content that they don’t find valuable (because then they won’t be coming back)! All of the content that you have will contribute to shaping your brand image and how you are viewed in the eyes of your target market. To ensure that you are not underestimating the value of your content, cater everything to be a perfect example of your creativity and originality as a business.

You can look back to your branding here; to re-establish what kind of persona it is you are wanting to be giving off. Think also to your target market research so that you are producing, for example, the type of blog articles that they will want to read and sharing the kinds of posts on social media that they will enjoy or find valuable. Google works via a preference for quality, so by doing this; you will be ensuring that you rank higher in search engine results generally and thus bring your website more traffic. Remember, with content it’s quality over quantity- yet at the same time, you’ll what to update what you have regularly to keep up your all-important online presence.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with your customers or your expected customers; your email marketing may focus on new products, offers, welcome info, information content (or most likely a combination of all of the former). What you will initially need to do is utilize the right tools that allow you to turn the people who visit your website into contacts who you can then reach out to via your different email campaigns. The right tools can work to connect email software with your website or blog. Depending on what kind of tools you opt to use, you may do this by using contact forms or website popups. Many customers are responsive to email campaigns; they are un-intrusive and can be great branding to express your appealable tone of voice.

Video Marketing

In the last year or so we’ve seen a surge in the trend of using video marketing to promote one’s business online. If you create videos to market your business you can help to build a stronger relationship with your customers by allowing them to: get a good inside look behind the scenes; learn something new via an explainer video; or put faces to the names of your company. You and your team could create an exciting group project in the planning and making of a video. Some companies like to take this a step further and engage in the practice of live events or webinars. By engaging with your audience in this way, you are allowing yourself to build stronger connections; this is useful whether you are remotely based or otherwise.

Search engine optimization

A key aspect of employing digital marketing concerns search engine optimization. This is because you will want to see how your users are getting along with your digital platforms to access what is working, what isn’t, and how you could improve. You could begin by doing your own keyword research and making plans to focus on the words and phrases that your target audience searches for. You could also hire in an SEO agency to help you, professionally, to work on all aspects of your SEO and it’s analysis. Whether you teach yourself the basics first or call upon professional help from the get-go, you won’t want to skip on the importance of these kinds of rankings.

The varied aspects of the digital marketing world may seem a little overwhelming at first, with so many options to focus on and a large number of platforms to do so. Keep in mind, if you generally know that your target audience aren’t using specific social platforms, then maybe your efforts are better spent elsewhere. You won’t want to miss out on anything that is going to help your business to move forward, and rest assured that your hard work and efforts won’t be going to waste.  As with most ambitious pursuits, forward thinking and proper planning will help you along your way. Deciding in more detail what you require to execute your goals is the first step.