Thank you so much for thinking about Guest Blogging with She Hustles Inc.


This is how the guest blogging works;


1. You will be provided with an author account on the She Hustles Inc website and access to the Trello board that describes everything you need to do with each blog post. If you’ve never used Trello before don’t worry its really easy to get the hang of, it’s basically a to-do list!


2. There will be article/post titles in Trello so you can either choose one of those or if you have your own ideas (encouraged!!) you will email bloggers@shehustlesinc.com


3. Articles need to be 500 words plus, and tools installed on the website need to be used such as Yoast. Yoast just gets it perfect for search engines. Again, don’t panic about this, it’s really easy and I’ll give full instructions and help as much as you need!


4. Once your article is completed you’ll submit it for review.


5. I’ll review, advise if any amends are required (I’d prefer to tell you so if it’s something that needs doing on all articles, better you know!)


6. It’ll then be published under your name (or a fake name if you prefer!)
You can submit as many or as little posts as you have time for, there is no pressure what so ever! It’s currently unpaid, however as the website grows, this will be changing and I will be selecting bloggers to take on paid positions.
If you fancy learning about SEO and blogging, or you want to build a portfolio or link build, or if you just fancy it see how it feels to be a blogger and have articles published this opportunity could be perfect!


Don’t worry if you have no experience I’m more than happy to coach you through the essentials, your life experience and knowledge is what’s valuable in this role!

If you are still interested, please complete this form and we’ll set up with a blogging account!





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