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These 9 amazing headline tricks will make you have more traffic to your blog

Here at The Female Entrepreneur Hub we have seen everything from a headline that is dull as dish water through to headlines clearly aimed at shoe horning in as many keywords as possible.

Dull as dishwater headline – “I might go out tonight”

Unless you’re the Queen, or Oprah, chances are no one cares. Sorry. Not sorry.

Keyword stuffed headline – “Beefy beef is tonight’s beef dinner in a dish named Beef Beef dinner”

Don’t ask, my mind only thought of beef as I was writing this….

Neither are any good!

The reason? No one is going to click on them.

SEO or clickbait headline?

The debate has raged whether a headline should entice a person to click or whether it should satisfy SEO and rank in Google. Why do people think you can’t have both?

Google only wants one thing – engagement, engagement, engagement. How can you get this engagement? By getting people to see your content (SEO) and getting them to click on it (clickbait). You see you need both for a truly effective headline strategy.

multiple income streams

Follow these 9 tips to achieve a killer headline

1. Get the keyword in the headline – once is fine. Google at least can find your content then. You’ll notice when you use a search engine, the word you search is usually in the title of the results it brings up. Ideally you want the keyword at the beginning of the headline, but don’t compromise the readability to achieve this.

2. Bear in mind Google is smart. You don’t need to have your keywords next to each other, Google will work it out. So for example if my keywords were “coach” and “London”, it would be okay to have a headline that reads “An experienced coach in London” – the “in” won’t compromise results.

3. Be controversial but not inflammatory. For example, “This is why all personal trainers are crap!” Make sure you can back this statement up with facts!

4. Make something “outstanding”, “killer”, “incredible”! Much needed clickbait fodder.

5. Add big numbers when you can. For example, “How Tailwind increased my traffic by 300%”.

6. People love lists – 5 simple trick… 20 incredible ways to…

7. Use “this is why” or “will make you”. These have been proven headline gold. See this research below from Digg.com.



8. Bear in mind you have the option for two headlines. You have the title that you know and love, then you the title that appears at the top of your article in the <h1> tags. If you use WordPress, you can use Yoast to do this.

9. Use Coschedule for help. You enter your headline and it will help you formulate it and improve on it. It gives handy suggestions on words to improves and length etc. Best of all it’s totally free. That’s why I included it in my 25 resources you can’t live without as a blogger list. You can find other resources as useful as this on the list! I really like to enter my headlines and try to beat the score, then once I get a green score I’ll use that headline.

We have created this handy image for you to save or pin to refer to when you write your next headline!



By using these 9 tips to formulate your headlines you should see far more clicks and traffic to your social media and website. Get in touch and let me know if any of these strategies worked for you. You can email me directly at Hannah@www.shehustlesinc.com.


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  • Thanks SO much for these tips! I’ve been blogging for about 7 months consistently, and have noticed a growth in traffic, but I definitely still have a lot of questions about titles! Will definitely make sure to apply these things!

  • You have some awesome tips here, I’ll definitely be referring back to this article in the future! Thank you!

    • thank you so much, I’m so please you found it useful! Let me know if there’s anything else I can write pointers on, or if there’s anything you think you could improve! Hannah x

  • Invisibly Me says:

    Some great tips! Headlines (and images, from my experience) are both so important in the process of people deciding whether they care and whether they want to read on. x

    • 100%, I think of it as your shop window, if it’s poorly dressed, people walk right past!! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! I’m launching a marketing challenge in May, details will be across social media and on the website tomorrow! It’s just ten minutes a day to work on your marketing x

  • Suzanne Cox says:

    This makes good reading, I really need to look at my use of keywords. Generally I give my blog posts song lyric titles at the moment which gives a mixed response.

    • This is the frustrating and often difficult thing with blogging and your headline. I love the idea of giving each post a song lyric, what an amazingly unique way to brand your blog. However, it’s going to really impact your SEO! I wonder if you could do a featured image with a song lyric text overlay. Give it a standard SEO title but then open the post with your lyric? I’d love to see your blog if you want to leave a link x

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  • shestepsup says:

    great post, very helpful especially as a fellow blogger

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