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When your business needs a little input, a little know-how from the experts there can seem like an overwhelming amount of choice out there but what’s really needed is someone who you can trust to fully understand what you need. That person is likely to come in the form of a consultant, someone who will take on a specific element of your business and mould it to start delivering the results you’re looking for.

Choosing a consultant can be a long process as you weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of a smaller or larger agency but whether you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy or organisational development there’s a consultant out there for you.

This blog takes you through what you’re looking for to find that perfect fit for your business.

Clear Objectives

Before you appoint, you need to figure out some clearly defined goals. Without tangible outcomes you run the risk of sending your business backwards rather than forward and an agreement that might end up costing you a small fortune.

Be as accurate as possible, using real figures or percentages but base your goals on realistic outcomes. Ambitious is one thing but they will still need to be attainable.

Listen to the Pitch

Invite several agencies to pitch their ideas and services to you, making sure they have a clear knowledge of the budget you’re working towards. You will find many promise the earth and all the results you need but take time to carry out a reality check and follow-up by going through with them exactly how this will be achieved.

During the presentation check to see how well the consultant listens to you and responds to your questions. Good communication and a rapport will help during the project and helps to establish two-way trust.

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Trust the Process

Once you’ve appointed someone, you need to let them get on with their job. Establish a regular catch-up, say once a week, where you can update yourself on the progress your consultant is making. Though trusting someone else to take over an element of your business can be hard, when you’ve made the right choice let them do what they do best, leaving you free to do what you do.

Finding the right consultant can change the path of your business for the better. Those jobs that require a little extra expertise and skill are taken on by experts who can make a real difference. Whether you opt for a small, bespoke agency who specialises in the area you need support with or appoint a much larger agency with access to a lot more resources, find someone that sits just right in your business. Find someone you click with, someone you can open up clear lines of communication with and someone you know understands your business and your budget. Then let them get on with overhauling your marketing strategy, streamlining your organisation and creating a future-proof business that’s ready for the next stage of the journey.

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