Helping Your Customers Visualize Their Connection To Your Firm



As someone interested in marketing your firm, you’ll quickly realize that most of advertising work is in demonstrating and planting ideas in the heads of your future customers. It can pay to think of what your goal for doing this is. Do you hope to simply make yourself known? To make some noise? To make your business seem cool?


All of these are perhaps tertiary goals, but not primary. It’s making a connection with your customer that is the most important goal of all. You need them to imagine themselves using your products, wearing your merchandise, booking your service. They need to imagine creating a customer account, interfacing with your product daily, and learning how to maintain it and care for its use.


You can achieve this in the following ways. Some are novel, some are time-tested. All can benefit you:



Demonstrations are incredibly useful to help people visualize your product and the benefit it brings. You can achieve this by presenting the product in the right way. For example, for fashion items, investing in mannequin sets at https://my-mannequins.co.uk/specialties-plus-size-72 can help customers see exactly what the item will look like when combined with others, or how they might work on a similar physical frame. It’s not uncommon for full outfit sets to be purchased this way, instead of simply the one item a customer may have come into the store looking for. Demonstrations also include video content, in-store demonstrations and perhaps testing models for customers or clients to interface with. Tours can also work, for example in the case of showing a client the facilities you have.


VR Stores

While it hasn’t adopted mainstream appeal, VR stores are now becoming quite popular with high-end businesses. For example, large merchandising stores, or even expensive products can help you visualize this in a correctly aspect-ratio mminimizedspace. For example, Ferrari has been known to allow for an online functionality of VR storefronts, in which they explode the car interior into an easy to see form, and allow you to read statistics of the product while spinning it in your frame. This is very promising.


Statistics & Comparisons

Sometimes benefiting where this is concerned can be as simple as arranging for quality comparisons to be made on your website via the statistical representation of what the product is. A quick ‘comparison’ chart to the nearest competitive model can sometimes be possible, especially if you do not list the product title by name but heavily allude to it. You may link to comparison tools from your website. You can also benefit from ensuring that different products in your catalog are compared. For example, a simple tick list showing the benefits that higher-priced products or services have over their counterparts both help you articulate the features of a product well, while potentially convincing the user to upgrade.


With these tips, helping consumers visualize a connection to your firm is sure to be a fantastic and frequent habit.


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