She Hustles Interview – Aran by Shrreya – Handbag Designer

Shreyya, 29, Delhi, India – Aran By Shreyya

What kind of business do you run?

“I run ARAN BY SHRREYA, a timeless, exclusive and authentic hand made brand.

Based on the traditions of India’s culture, we specialise in handmade accessories, primarily clutches and leather bags. The brand design philosophy concentrates on craftsmanship, innovative designs, contemporary functionality made with the highest quality materials. 

Our vision of being timeless is to stay beautiful and fashionable as time passes whilst the exclusivity of the product remains.  The authenticity of the brand remains true to its origin and sincerity.

The brand motto: “to create a unique experience for every woman in one of a kind boutique filled with fabulous finds creating a new standard of TIMELESS AND EXCLUSIVE FASHION”.

The brand expresses a philosophy of individuality and confidence that now applies to a range of clutches including BRIDAL COUTURE, READY-TO-WEAR, and LUXURY.”

aran by shrreya

When did you set up the business?

“Back in 2013, when I worked on a project with a design label specializing in bags, I realized that luxury is about hand making products.”

How do you work the business around any commitments like family and friends, hobbies, other jobs?

“Well, when I started my label it was very difficult to cope up with commitments and finishing orders on time as I had fewer helpers to assist with orders. Over time, and after going through a lot of experiences, we have organized a small unit where we have different departments for specific work. At the end what matters was experience and time because time is money. For families and friends, it’s easy to cope as the work has been systemized into my life.”

Did you have any money to start the business?

“Frankly speaking, initially there were a lot of issues and problems to start my own business requiring an investment that was way beyond what I could afford, but we say ‘if your destiny is with you, the ways open for you accordingly’.  I was working with a company who really loved my work, and they were the ones who gave me this huge order and just after that I could save for my business and from that day the journey started for my brand ARANBYSHRREYA.”

Was it difficult to start? What was the biggest challenge? How did you overcome this?

“The first few months were particularly tough and being new in the industry I had to learn every aspect from scratch, with investments being a major concern. Pricing also foxed me. Also, we had few workers, so I had to put in really long hours and do a lot of work myself. But thanks to the experience and insight of my father who is a businessman, I made it through the challenges in the initial stages of the business.”

Is it difficult to run now? What is the biggest challenge? How do you overcome this?

“Things eased up after I studied the market and I am able to put what I have learnt into practice. Today I work with a team of 15 people, transforming ordinary raw materials into colourful and beautiful products focussing mainly on bags. As the time passed and after going through a lot of experiences, we have organized a small unit where we have different departments for specific work. At the end what matters was experience and time because time is money.”

Any future plans for the business?

“Currently, the brand sells online, but I am planning to set to open up a physical store in Delhi. I also plan to extend into men’s accessories. Expansion has been on top of our mind for a long time, and we are just waiting for the right time.”

Would you do anything differently?

“Talking about different, I would want to make luxury inexpensive for the one who can’t afford and who crave for such fancy luxurious bags. I really want to be calculative about the technology that is cost effective and can make the luxurious bags to be affordable and would love to promote it with general audiences as my celebrity guest. I wouldn’t do things differently in the past, but I plan to do things differently in the future!”

Do you ever struggle with self-doubt?

“When it comes to my business, I am really confident about it. I really don’t have to struggle with self-doubt when it comes to my work. The experiences and the failures that I go through every day makes me more confident and pumped up to do more and more. I love learning new things every day, and that makes me motivated to do more in business and grow.”

Any Advice for others wanting to start a business?

“Just be yourself and listen to your instincts. If you are facing failures in your work, take it as a booster to work harder so as to achieve your goals.”

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