Here’s Why You Can’t Fake IT With I.T

Everyone has gaps in their knowledge. Rather than admit it and lose an opportunity, most people decide to fake it until they make it. In simple terms, they lie through their teeth and learn on the job. There is no doubt this is a fantastic method, especially if you’re an excellent liar. All the sociopaths out there rejoice!

However, some situations can’t be faked because they’re too complicated. Information technology is a great example. Anyone who tries to lead their employer down the garden path will soon end up on a vessel on a creek without a paddle.


These are the reasons why.

Too Technical

IT geeks speak in tongues sometimes. When they talk about servers and coding and HTML and the likes, most of us phase out. Let the nerds do their job and ask questions later. In fact, don’t ask them at all because you won’t understand. So, the lie isn’t going to last long when a person makes an inquiry and you can’t formulate an answer. The management is going to catch on to your lack of expertise pretty quickly. Plus, there is the fact that you don’t have any solutions either. IT is a results-driven business and you’ll be judged and the final product.


Bumps In The Road

Even if you’re lucky and everything seems to be going fine, the peace won’t last for long. An unforeseen circumstance will pop up out of nowhere and you’ll be expected to deal with the issue. And, people place a lot of pressure on the shoulders of anyone with IT skills. After all, downtime is a waste of money so the servers need to be back online as soon as possible. A worse situation is that something catastrophic happens and you’re too naïve to know what to do. The technology will test you at some point regardless of how well things are going at the moment.



Plenty of people have lied on their resume. And, lots of employers have figured it out when it was too late. Do they fire them? No because it’s a waste of resources. Instead, they give them a chance to prove they aren’t incompetent. The information tech industry is a little different. Businesses will cut ties because A) they can’t afford mediocrity and B) outsourcing. The right IT consulting and support services will replace you quite easily. Plus, the cost is low and the standard high, so it’s a no-brainer. Prove your worth or head for the door.



A typical interview consists of a person asking questions and the candidate answering them. For the most part, it’s a half-baked way of figuring out where they’re a good fit. Only when they start the job is it possible to tell. With IT, an interviewer can give you a skill-based problem and ask you to solve it in ten minutes. Therefore, you might not get past the first round. By all means fake it, but get ready to get found out if you aren’t on point.


What do you think – can you spin the ultimate lie or is it too much?