Here’s Why Your Head Is In The Cloud

The cloud: the software which is supposed to have revolutionized small businesses. There is a good chance it has yet you wouldn’t know because you find it incredibly complicated. The theory is easy enough to understand – a remote platform with near endless storage – but the practice always seems to work out differently.


No one wants to get left behind in their rival’s dust because they understand new tech the best. To keep up with the crowd, it’s essential to figure out what the cloud does and why it’s popular. For that to happen, business owners need to target the problem areas.


Below are four and how the potential solutions.


Seamless Integration


One of the major pros of the cloud is the integration between systems. As long as the technology is compatible, you or anyone else in the company can access servers from miles away. Unfortunately, lots of features don’t seem to sync with the cloud, such as Apple and Android technology. Right away, this takes away from the experience because it doesn’t do what is advertised. You can try and follow iOS to Android guides (or vice versa) without much luck or you can go down the ebecs route. The link champions the Microsoft version because it’s on almost every laptop and desktop. Plus, things such as Outlook and PowerPoint are familiar.


Safety And Security


Data breaches happen all the time and they destroy businesses, particularly small ones. Even celebrities aren’t safe as the hacking scandal advertised with intimate pics of the rich and famous. The last thing an SME needs is a leak which leads to a lack of trust. It’s a hit to the firm’s reputation that is almost impossible to recover from. The key is to avoid public servers and pay extra for a private one. That way, sensitive information isn’t in the ether with Mike’s vacation photos. Also, encrypt everything.




Not only are there plenty of cloud suppliers to choose from, but there are also new gadgets being released on a regular basis. Trying to tell the difference between a high and low-powered CPU machine is tricky without the right qualifications. You’re a business owner; not a computer geek. To cut through the choice, some people opt for the tech which focuses on the latest trends, big data for example. Another option is to delegate the responsibility to someone with experience and expertise to fill in the gaps. Or, you can read books and watch videos.


Work/Life Balance


As the boss, you want output levels to peak for profit purposes. Still, even you need a break every now and again throughout the week. The problem with the cloud is the ease of access to the office. Because it’s connected to the internet, you are never out of reach of an email or document. To find the right balance, people have to distances themselves from their devices, managers too. Otherwise, mental fatigue sets in and the standard of the work drops.


Do you understand the cloud better now? Great – now go and use it to your advantage.