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Seriously though this guide was put together from everything I have found that works on social media for business. People make it so overcomplicated, and it doesn’t need to be!

Keep it simple, have a plan and focus on other areas of your business!

This is no ordinary planner… think of it as your content bible! You will never be stuck knowing what to post ever again! It doesn’t just help you to understand and organise how often to post on social media, but it will actually help you design content that converts followers to customers and boosts engagement.

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You will be able to

  • understand what to post
  • understand when to post
  • post content that creates social media growth
  • create content that converts followers to customers
  • understand hashtags
  • create engagement

All of this is going to make your life far easier and simpler as you won’t have to worry about social media promotion and the organisation of it again.

The gorgeous 19 page PDF planner covers Facebook and Instagram, including the feed and stories. It’s available immediately as a download.

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