Hosting a Launch Party

If you’re planning a launch party for your new venture, product, or book… nothing is better than a launch party, yet, launch parties can be a pretty expensive endeavour – meaning you need to keep an eye on the return on investment of such an event, rather than simply seeing it as a good old fashioned knees up!

The challenge with planning a launch party is that if it doesn’t “pop” in the sense that it just feels a little flat and unspecial, it can actually harm your project rather than add credibility and excitement to the brand.  Indeed, there’s nothing more sad to watch than a boring launch party where nobody is able to get excited or back the brand, due to the party not meeting the mark.

This is particularly sad given the expense that goes into even the most basic launch party, and in reality, when hosting a launch party you are going to be looking for premium event space for hire that gives a good impression, in a central location, rather than a village hall in the middle of nowhere.

For this reason, many people choose to work with event planners, yet if you’re on a budget this can feel like an unnecessary expense and if you’re choosing to go it alone and do it yourself, you’ll want to consider these principles to ensure your launch party is a success.




Of course, not everyone you invite is going to attend – as you need to ensure a decent incentive that is attractive to the right people… but when it comes to a launch party, you want as many relevant journalists, media, and influencers to attend.  Now, when it comes to these people, be sure to focus on relevancy rather than the most high-powered.

You also need to consider what the purpose of your launch is, as if it’s to attract new customers, the focus should be more on catering to the needs and interests of buyers rather than the press.  There needs to be a key benefit for anyone you invite, for instance, they will get to hear a famous speaker that can help their business or they will get to rub shoulders with other industry experts.

Nine times out of ten, they will not be coming to hear about you or your product launch – there has to be some other benefit to make it worth them attending.



It’s incredible how many people visit launch parties for the catering.  There’s something very enticing about the idea of going to a launch party where you know there’ll be a good spread of food and wine.



Be aware that people have busy lives and the diaries of many key people will be full months in advance.  Therefore, you want to ensure you don’t bring it together at the last minute and invite people on the fly – make sure you send out invitations at least a few months in advance, and follow up with them via email a month prior, a week prior, two days prior, and the morning of the event.