How Businesses Can Easily Avoid 90% Of PR Pitfalls

Pexels – CC0 License

When we see a PR pitfall, especially when a large company falls into one, we think ‘how on earth could they have been so dense?’ For example, when a corporation seems to fall into misunderstanding a meme, or suggesting something culturally insensitive, or running an advertisement that not only offends but humiliates the firm, we really wonder just who was behind the scenes, making those fateful decisions.

That being said, while some PR pitfalls are of course unavoidable and just plain bad luck, there are many that are completely avoidable provided you adhere to the best practice and conventional, common wisdom. This can sound so easy, but if improperly applied, even common sense can find it hard to become applied in the right manner.

We believe that it’s a shame for a firm to be caught in a PR backlash if they meant no harm, but understandable. To that end, we hope that the following advice can help you and your business, no matter how humble and small, to avoid this kind of bad publicity. Because in the business world, not all PR is good PR.


Consultants have years of experience in this pursuit, and so have many tidbits of advice that can prove useful when creating and reviewing your marketing strategy. For example, the best digital marketing consultant will be happy to tailor your progress to the best ends, to make you aware of certain outcomes, or to help you transition your idea into something more practical, while keeping your message thoroughly understandable. This may give you the edge in not just avoiding bad PR, but in truly establishing a strong message.

Market Research

Market research is very important, because in 2019 and beyond, trends can shift at the drop of a hat. It’s important to know what’s here to stay, what norms are changing, and what novelty is only superfluous and not worth your time. It’s not uncommon for modern companies to dive on viral memes as part of their marketing strategy, eliciting groans from almost everyone who can imagine the levels of signing-off a business had to approve before they could be that ‘hello, fellow kids!’ joke. When you conduct market research, you not only know what is popular now, but you can get ahead of it, and value its real worth.

A Little Patience

Have a little patience before moving in with a marketing strategy. It may seem that something needs to be shown right away, but often, if you wait for the right moment, you may have a fantastic impact. If a competitor, for example, is releasing their flagship product, you may be able to make use of noted flaws in their design by pointing out how your new product is free from those errors. Sometimes, the best way to avoid a PR pitfall is to allow someone else to make it for you. 

With this advice, we hope your business can avoid 90% of the pitfalls it may otherwise experience.