How to Get Awesome PR for Your Business


PR is vitally important for any business, but even so, if you are a new startup with a small advertising budget. Getting your product known is crucial to the success of your business, and keeping in the eye of consumers can bring challenges you had never even thought of.


Good PR can be more powerful and less costly than an advertising campaign, and it is all down to building trust in your product and company.


Research Your Market


Researching your market so that you know exactly who you are aiming to sell to will make it a lot easier to direct your PR strategy to the right place. A press release, for instance, is a brilliant way for some good PR, but it is no use having this in the wrong type of magazine or on the wrong type of website. If your target audience is for instance, new mothers, you would not want the press release in a motorbike magazine for it to be most effective.


Make contact with the media you want your release published by and let them know that you have some content they may be interested in. As long as it is not a full-blown advert, but is useful and informative, you stand a good chance of it being published in print or online.


Know The Benefits Of Your Products


Features are not what sell products; it is the benefits your products provide that will produce the most sales. It could be that your product saves consumer’s time or money, or it could be that they are safer to use than the alternatives.


Safety is a big issue these days, as more people are aware of how important it is. This is exactly why companies such as Ranger.com.au put so much effort into the safety of their services, and why they consider the correct training to be vital. Let your press release focus on the safety aspect of your product and consumers will soon start to buy.



Why Is Your Product Unique?


Find something that is different about your product compared to similar items on the market. If there is something that makes it unique, it is more likely to produce higher levels of sales. No one can expect to grab 100% of the market share, but if your product is something a bit different is stands a better chance of becoming a leader in its field.




Ask people who have bought your product for testimonials. These can have a really good effect on your sales when other consumers read what people who have already purchased it think. A couple could even be included in a press release, which will just add to the benefit and authenticity of it.


No type of advertising or PR will guarantee that your product will be successful, but all you can do it give it the best chance you can. The right information targeted at the correct audience will help to build the reputation you want, and then it is up to you to put the trust into those sales so that the consumers become repeat customers.