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5 easy ways to maximise social media potential

It’s undisputed that social media is one of the best ways to grow your business in this day and age. Despite talk of algorithms, pay to play and reduced organic reach, social media remains the top way to promote your business online. So how do we maximise it’s potential? We get organised and we have a plan.

1. Understanding your business heart

At the core of everything in your business, you must clarify your brand. Your brand tells people why you exist, what you want to achieve, why it matters, and if you are a good fit for them. It’s really important to do in-depth work on this and really get to the core of the heart of your business.

Spend time exploring why you do your business, why you do what you do, and how you want to make a difference to someone’s life. Once you know the message and purpose of your business it’s time to get communicating it.

2. Your content is your sales person

To get our brand and content out there, we use social media, typically Instagram and Facebook. So we need to get to grips with our content. Our brand and content have a very very important job. They become the salesperson in our business.

We are not there in person to build rapport with the customer, to explain the benefits and features of our products and services. We aren’t there to handle any of the reasons they may not want to buy. So we have to rely on our brand and content to perform this role.

For this reason we have to use our content carefully and in a considered way. We also have to be consistent and maintain a presence on social media.

3. Planning is key

Okay so you get how important it is to be consistent and have a social media presence, but how do you now fit that into your day around the 3,492 things you have to do in the business?

After spending a lot of time using social media to promote businesses, I came up with a plan and things I do regularly. I settled into this simple routine, it didn’t take up much time and it got results. My social media grew (check out my Instagram, I’m on 14K as of Jan 2019 and I started the account in May 2018). I felt organised and had time to do other things in my business.

I’ve taken part of my own planner and turned it into a free downloadable planner if you’d like to try it out. Click here to access.

It’s important to use your content wisely to make sales for you and planning is key for that.

4. Connections and Collaborations

Social media is about being social. It’s fantastic for getting customers directly, but there’s another way to use it. Take collaborations for example. Find another person within your niche, who’s not a direct competitor, and has a large audienc. In collaborating with them you are now being exposed to a brand new audience.

This is an audience you have put no time in to build and nurture, you just get to enjoy someone else’s hard work to benefit your business!

That said it works both ways, and the larger and more engaged your audience is, the better collabs you will get.

A good way to start can be with brand reps. Ask for people who are enthusiastic about your brand to talk about it and share content in return for a discount or freebies. The larger the audience and reach of the brand rep the better.

You may want to consider doing a contract if you do use brand reps. For example 1 social media post per week in exchange for 1 free product a month. This will cover you if they just take the product and disappear!

5. Promo opportunities

It can be a good idea to promote your account. You can do this in various ways. You could pay for ads, run a competition or use an influencer account.

I won’t go into paying for ads as this is a huge topic on it’s own! Social Media Examiner have some great resources on running Facebook ads.

Competitions where you ask people to like, comment and share are great for growth and engagement. It will create excitement and brand awareness at the same time.

You can also ask influencers to share your social media accounts. This does typically cost. However, if you pick an influencer account within your niche it can seriously help growth. For example if you sold bikinis, you’d look for an account which showcases bikinis from many different designers or stores and ask them to feature you. Their large audience is primed and ready to follow the particular niche and so it’s perfect for targeted growth.

I hope this gave you something to think about in using your social media to it’s full potential and you get some use from my free planner!