How To Make Remote Working More Effective

The way that we work is changing, and as a result, the way that we run our businesses is changing. More people than ever are starting businesses from home and working remotely, and still managing to run successful businesses. Working from home can save time on commuting, as well as cut down on the costs of things like a formal office space. So it can definitely be something that is worth considering. Plus, in recent years, the advancements in things like cloud-based technology and the improvements in broadband speeds has made working from home (or remote working or flexible working, however you want to describe it), much more possible.

In fact, with all of that in mind, it has been found that nearly half of employees in a corporate setting do work remotely some of the time. And these numbers are rising, which can be a great thing for many. But just because it is happening doesn’t mean that it is always working well. People can be working from home but doing so in a way that isn’t productive, or working from home and not being well enough equipped to get the work done. So to help, here are some strategies for home working or remote working, to make sure that you are doing it in the best way possible.


All the Right Gear

In order to work efficiently, be productive, and do all of your work in the best way possible, then it does really pay to have all of the right equipment in place for your working day. There are many great IT solutions for businesses, whether that is for video conferencing if you have a lot of client calls or meetings, or having enough storage on the cloud so work can be accessed wherever you are. Make sure that you have all that you need for the jobs that you have in place, especially if you have some days in the office and some days at home. So if you need to take things with you, then make sure that you do.

Overcome Isolation

When you work remotely, especially if you do it all day, each day, then it can be quite a lonely place. The flexibility of working from home is great, but you may start to miss that office feeling and chat that goes on in the office. So if you do start to feel lonely and isolated, then it won’t be uncommon. But the best thing to do is to recognize it, accept it, and then put things in place to make sure that you don’t keep having those feelings of being isolated.

Measure Productivity

When you work remotely it is harder to get the feedback that you might get otherwise, especially if you work for yourself. And the reason being is that it can be hard to measure ‘good work’ when you work remotely, as there aren’t the standard ‘good employee’ signs, such as arriving to work on time, being in the office for a certain number of hours a day, or things like meeting your personal performance goals set by a manager. So think about ways that will help you to measure your productivity.

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