How To Plan Your Live Event For Success


Live events are an amazing thing to introduce into your business, but the success you see with them is something that will depend on the planning you do ahead of time.


Whether you want to use a live event as a way to sell a product or service, upsell existing clients into another program or package, or whether you just want to market your business by getting in front of a new audience, live events are something that every small business owner and entrepreneur should be considering doing when building their business.


In this post, we want to share with you some tips to help ensure your event is being planned in a way that will make it a success.


Leave enough time to market:


When it comes to marketing something new – especially a live event, timing is truly everything, and many business owners fail to leave themselves enough time to do this. Whilst there are certainly no rules about how long you should leave for marketing, if you only give yourself 2 weeks to market an event for which you hope to attract a hundred or more people to attend, then you’ll definitely need a minimum of 6 weeks, though for optimal success, 2-3 months would be better. You can easily create a specialized event marketing plan ahead of time so you always know what your marketing efforts will include.


Have a back-up venue:


Depending on the size of your event, you may have it somewhere like a private rented villa or apartment, or even a hotel if it’s going to be larger. However, the last thing you want to happen is that something goes wrong with the venue you’ve booked and are then stuck trying to find somewhere at the last minute or are put in the position where you have to cancel because you have nowhere to host your event anymore. To prevent this from happening, you should plan ahead by having something else lined up as a backup just in case. Many event organizers don’t even inform their attendees of the exact location of the event until a few days before for this very reason, so although you can specify the city to allow people to plan, you can just say it will be a 5 star hotel, but not which one until you know that the venue is fully confirmed.


Book good speakers:


When it comes to making your event a success, it’s not just about you and how many people show up, but it’s about what they’ll say about it afterwards. Give your attendees great value through inviting speakers to come and talk at your event and share knowledge and tips with your attendees.


Get your technology in place:


Whether it’s finding the Best credit card machine for a small business so that you can take payments at your event, or getting your presentation tested and set up, having the right technology in place will help things run more smoothly over all during your event.