How To Test Your Website


When it comes to forming a reputation online and in the public eye one of the things you should always try to do is create a great website. Websites are windows to our business and they allow people from all over the world to connect with us and see what we offer. A website is a powerful tool for sales and it is something which we should take the time to work on this year.

As we create a website this year for our brand it is important for us to make sure that it works well and functions in the best possible way. Today we are going to take a look at some of the ways we can test a website and make sure that it is in too order.

Use software

The first step in testing a website it choosing the right user testing software for the job. It is easier for you to test a website using a software like this because it will automate many of the services you would have had to try manually otherwise. Take a moment to have a look at different softwares and make sure to choose a good one for your job this year.

Check image sizes

Part of checking the usability of your website is to make sure that the loading time for your website screens is quick. No one wants to visit a website and end up having to wait for ages while the page loads up. We want to be able to click a link and almost instantly see the content we were looking for. Images can be a big culprit for slow loading times and a lot of the time you will need to lower the size of the image to make it suitable for the web. For example on photoshop there is an option after editing an image where you can save for web and this will ensure that the image isn’t too large for a web page but stills holds its quality.

Broken links

The worst thing you can have when you have a website is broken links which take people to an error message when they click on it. As a brand you want to be promoting your website and social media as much as you can, so making sure that your social media links work can be a huge thing and will make a big difference to you overall.


It is important as you build a site to think about the navigation of the website and build a site map which will show you where the menu leads and how many clicks it will take to get to a product or a certain page. Making sure the menu works how it should and takes you to the right place is super important so be sure to check this as you go through. This will make a big impact on usability and it will ensure that you are able to get everything you need out of your website.