Instagram’s new “close friends” feature

You may have noticed that Instagram just launched a bunch of new features, one of which is the “close friends” feature. I’ll be honest I thought that this would just be useful on my personal account at first, however then I realised how I could use it in my business.

Instead of “close friends” think VIP

You can now post on stories and just share it with a select audience by selecting to only share it with the “close friends” list. This means only the people in that list see the story.

You could use this feature to communicate with your best customers/clients, your biggest supporters and most loyal fans.

What could your share with the “close friends” /VIP list?

Obviously you could just show them content that’s meant for them and not for the rest of the world, but what else?

  • exclusive offers/discount codes/sales
  • behind the scenes
  • polls for just customers
  • more personal stories from your life

and my personal favourite you can start to treat this feature almost like a Facebook Group.

Using “close friends” to create a group

We know that Facebook Groups are great for engaging with our audience, for most they’re superior to the business page now, so how can we replicate this on Instagram?

I like the idea of creating a group of people on Instagram who see specific content just for them. You could let them know you’ve added them to this VIP list.

How to add people to the list and how to share just to them

If you go to your profile and hit the three lines on the right hand top corner of the screen, you’ll see close friends in the menu. Click into it and add people to the list from here. Easy peasy!

When you go to post the story, do it all as normal, when you go to post you get the option to share with close friends only. Again nice and easy!

she hustles inc

How will you use the close friends feature? As it was intended or for a little more business leverage? Remember you could also use on your personal brand page to be selective about what you share with your family and frineds and what goes out to the rest of the world.

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