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I cannot live without you! Every business has a place on Pinterest. That means you need a Pinterest strategy. You want maximum exposure, so this means posting to group boards at key times and frequently. It's so time-consuming! Not with Tailwind!

Schedule your pins, set your schedule and click go - you can easily create months worth of pins in one go. Sit back and let the Pinterest traffic come to you! There's no reason not to have Pinterest as your leading source for traffic with Tailwind on your side!!


Okay, everywhere you look it's all about Siteground or Bluehost - why because they are good, but they also offer great affiliate schemes! So every man and his dog wants to promote them!! I love my own provider - one.com they're fab. Cheap - as in you get a site for a year for £5 with my referral link, they're reliable, quick to help, easy to use.

I genuinely don't get why you'd go elsewhere! They support WordPress sites you can set up your own email, there's a ton of extras. I don't go anywhere else for my websites!


You should be collecting emails as a business and MailChimp is free up to 2000 subscribers. It's got a ton of handy features such as popups to help increase the number of sign-ups, landing pages, multiple lists.

It handles all the GDPR stuff for you as well - win win!!


Ensure your copy is on point, with options for standard, UK and US English. A free tool for the grammar win!



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The Search Marketing Shop

If you are looking for help with getting your name found on Google or with Google ads, look no further. This is the best company I have found for results!

Megan Koval - Branding Strategist

If you want branding that literally comes from your soul, you want your business to be a part of you. You want a meaningful business, then Megan is who you need.

You won't think of branding the same again. You'll embrace it! Thank you, Megan, for helping She Hustles Inc on our journey!!







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