Judging a Book By Its Cover: Why Packaging is So Important

If you run a business which creates products, you need to carefully consider the packaging that you create for it, as well as the products themselves. You might have the most fantastic item in the world, but consumers are not likely to pick it up unless they are enticed by the way that it looks. Not only this, good packaging can provide your products with the protection that they require to stay in good condition while they are being transported around. Here is some more detail about why you need to take your time over packaging design decisions.


Customer Decision-Making is Often Based on Packaging

The strength of your product packaging can make a huge difference to your customers’ decision-making. In fact, it is estimated that around a third of customer choices are based on the packaging alone. As well as this, the vast majority of purchasing decisions are still made in-store rather than beforehand. This means that you have a great opportunity to influence consumers which you could be missing out on with poor packaging.


Marketing and Promotional Tool

With the explosion in the popularity of social media over the past few years, your packaging has become an even more important marketing tool. If consumers see a product that they like the look of, they are likely to snap a photo of it to share with their network. On the other hand, if they see some major flaw in it, you could find your product going viral for all the wrong reasons. Ultimately, you want your business to be talked about in a positive context as much as possible. And there are also the more traditional forms of promotion such as TV and print. If your product is instantly recognisable through the packaging alone, this will help to provide a major marketing boost to it.


Product Protection


Whether your product is wrapped in paper, cardboard or plastic, quality packaging can deliver good savings thanks to the protection that it provides to your products. The last thing that you want is to have to pay for damages which were easily avoidable. Not only this, packaging innovations can enhance your product as a whole. For example, just think about all of the food products which are stored in resealable plastic bags to help lock in their freshness. Your packaging can end up playing a big role in the overall enjoyment which your product provides to your consumers.


For these three reasons any many more, making sure that you get the packaging of your product right is not a business task which you should overlook. First of all, you can influence the decision-making of your customers in the way that you would like. Secondly, the right packaging can be a fantastic marketing and promotional tool. Finally, you need to think carefully about protecting the integrity of your products to ensure that they retain their quality.