Making Your Morning Commute Bearable


Commuting to and from work is something which most of us have to do every single day of the week and it is one of those jobs which no one enjoys. Often we wake up, get ready and run out of the door without even giving yourself chance to adjust to the day, and this can make the commute even more stressful. If you are sick of being in a bad mood each morning after a long commute, here are some things you can do to make it better.

Take plenty of time

It is tempting to get up as late as possible to leave only when we absolutely HAVE to, but this is the worst decision you can make because everyone else does the same thing. Unless you want to spend each morning driving at breakneck speed to reach work on time, we would advise that you set off 15 minutes earlier. 15 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot of time but in the morning it can be a game changer. Leave earlier and enjoy a less stressful drive into work.

Wake up first

How many times do you hit the snooze button 10 times in the morning and skip your breakfast to make it into work? If you never give yourself some time to wake up and adjust to the day before you leave for work, you’ll never be in a good mood when you get into your car or onto the bus. Give yourself time to grab a shower, wash your face and have a good old cuppa in front of the TV before you leave and we promise you will see a MASSIVE difference in your mood and energy on the road.

Ditch the car

Yes, we know… the car is a good way to get to work because you get to stay nice and warm, you can carry all of your things and you can listen to some banging tunes, but is a traffic jam worth it? Although driving to work can be good, you might find it much less stressful if you instead go by bikes or ride electric bikes to work. You’ll miss that traffic, get an early morning workout in and get some much needed fresh air. It is also much better for the environment so this is always a massive plus point.

Travel Smart

If you can, try to encourage your city to use a system such as Sylvania Connected Solutions for their city. This kind of system can help with traffic and other issues and it can help you travel to work in a better connected city and one which stays this way for a long time.

Use helpful apps

If you always seem to find yourself stuck in the midst of the worst traffic on your way to work, one way to avoid this would be to use an app such as Waze. Unlike conventional sat nav systems, Waze has users all over the world who are constantly sharing traffic information, and the app uses this to recalculate your route to avoid stand still spots. It will mean you are likely travelling down some back streets you’ve never see, however you’ll get to work and home much quicker.

Get comfy

Stuck in the car first thing? Bring a coffee, wear comfy shoes, grab a neck support and stay comfortable. Make sure you make precautions to make the car a cosy place to be and it means that if you do get stuck in a jam at least you won’t feel boxed in and cold.