Marketing the “Boring”

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Not every product that has to be marketed can be exciting, but that does not mean they are not necessary. It’s great if you have a visually appealing product to promote, but that is not always the case. If you have a product that is useful but boring, what is the best way to make sure it reaches the eyes of the consumers?

Show Its Advantages

If you can show the advantages of a visually boring product you will stand more chances of it being a success. You need to show prospective purchasers about how your product can help them. Just quoting specifications and features will make the boring effects worse. The product needs to solve a problem for them and you have to demonstrate its advantages.

For instance, brushed servo drives do not look anything special, but are an electronic amplifier used to power servomechanisms, and are extremely useful. PayPal, as another example, was first seen as a faceless financial institution. However, the right marketing showed its capabilities and now it is part of many people’s everyday lives.

Keep It Simple

If your marketing makes the product sound complicated, consumers will just not buy it. You need to explain the benefits of the product in a simple way that does not take too long. A boring explanation together with a visually boring product will not work at all. Make anything that is said short and straightforward and then you are more likely to gain viewers interest.

Even your website should be easy to understand as if viewers have problems with it they will soon disappear.

Make It Look More Appealing

There is not much you can do to make a tap washer look attractive, but you can show it in a more appealing setting. Show how your tap washers have helped create a stunning bathroom and people will not think about the fact it is the same little boring round thing that is on sale everywhere. They will be attracted to yours.

Tell A Story

Behind every business and product, there is a story of some sort. Consumers love stories and telling yours is a great way to get people interested in your boring products. It is even better if the story has some humour in it, as the reader will remember that and come back again. Something that made them laugh will always be remembered more than an explanation of how something works.

Take The Boring Away

People will think a blank piece of paper is boring, but what about the fun you had making aeroplanes and flying them in races. That boring piece of paper suddenly becomes something very interesting and that should be the aim of your marketing strategy.

The key to successful marketing of a visually boring product is to make it interesting in some way. This depends on what the product is as to how you do that, but if what you are selling solves a problem or makes a job easier, those are the things that you should be focussing on in your campaign.